Prologue to the Ending

Talking about endings. That’s right!

Some TV shows or any other media which feature story-telling has endings. While some of them are lasting over than a decade, some of them really has to end. And that is to give way to their new projects or new series, which somehow parallel and not a sequel to their previous one. When we say prologue to the ending, it means that a series of happenings and conflicts must occur first before reaching the ‘true’ ending.

As for the Global Side of LLSIF is reaching through its final destination of acting as an independent Global branch, we are also reaching to the true end of this segment! Alright, let us begin the Episode 42 of this segment, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!


There are some highlights and headlines encountered! Please do read more to find out what are those! I think you were excited to find out what are those!

Tomorrow: Nijigasaki 3rd Live!

Coming up tomorrow weekend is the anticipated 3rd live of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club! The title is Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 3rd Live! – School Idol Festival: The Beginning of the Dream! This event shall really happen and paid streaming was already announced! For those who had bought their tickets for this online live, enjoy!

Expect some post-live announcements, such as their secret announcements! They might announce their upcoming major lives, and some other stuffs, like the upcoming content updates for the LoveLive! ALL STARS game! I hope that they might announce the ‘season two’ of the NijiGaku Anime. We shall find out if those shall be announced at the end of their live!

Aqours: We Are Challengers Project (Aqours Club CD Set 2021)

In the midway where their scheduled 5th Anniversary Live was deferred, they had announced this new project as part of their ongoing “We Are Challengers” Projects.

So then, they had announced the Aqours Club CD Set 2021 to be released somewhere at the end of June 2021 The trailer of their PV was already posted at their YouTube channel, and it shall set on a ‘live action’ setting!

More details to be revealed, such as the title of their Aqours Club CD theme song, at their official website via their Twitter account. Just stay tuned at their feed!

LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime Airing Date Confirmed

At long last, the airing date for the LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime series shall start on July! And it shall be airing its Episodes every Sundays at 7pm JST on NHK ETV. The first trailer video was released on YouTube!

Witness the beginning of these new School Idols, rising from nothing to fame!

As for the LLSIF and ALL STARS games, expect events and campaigns commemorating this TV Anime release soon!

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Right now, let us head on to the JP and Global Sides of LLSIF! So far, what were the things spotted during the past weekend and this week? Please do read this Episode until the very end!


The 8th anniversary celebration of LLSIF still continues, as they are bombarding us with exciting campaigns and events! So far, what were the things that are spotted during the past week, and this week?

Round 7 Live Arena

The 7th Round of Live Arena has begun since the first day of the month (actually it’s April 30th, after the patch update)!

Complete 30 or up to 50 Special Sessions to win a UR Setsuna Yuki!

So then, I had made a separate blog post on how to survive and to win both regular Live and Special Sessions in the Live Arena! With those tips, you can progress very well!

Round 28 Challenge Festival

Yeah, it’s all about domination! And did you know that this Event shall be harder to grind and to reach Tier 1 from now on? Yeah, and it is because the EXP x 5 modifier is present along!

Going back to the details of this Event, the Event UR to be won from Event is Hanayo, and the URs to be scouted are Nico and Nozomi! The Secret SSR can be also obtained from this Event! Grind more Event Points, and reach higher score! Be victorious.

Further highlights of this shall be given next Episode! Look forward into it!

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As for the Global Side celebrating almost its 7th anniversary run, it is also the climatic part where things are going to change than usual! Please do read this highlight to continue!

Round 22 Medley Festival

Round 25 Medley Festival in JP Side. Round 22 in Global Side.

The details about this Event were already given last week, and you may backread the last week’s Episode to find out!

For the highlights of this Event, it is just basically the same highlight summary as in the JP Side, previously. And this was already written in the Episodes 23 and 24!

Basically, it got the same highlights, except for two things. First, the songs in the Medley are only up to Expert difficulty. Second, the Cheer/Yell Units formation got a glitch.

Firstly, I really expect that the Medley Festival today is now having Master difficulty included. But then, they were only available up to Expert difficulty. Since they are only up to Expert difficulty, so does to the Medley Mission Levels are only up to Level 25, instead of Level 35.

And secondly, the Cheer/Yell Units formation system got glitched. Everytime you set your members as Yell/Cheer Units, they shall be removed or reset. That only happens when you exit the Event Home Page (by hitting or tapping the Back or Home button), or even completing or failing your current Medley Festival plays. The dev team were already aware of this issue, and they shall be compensating players at a later date.

So, going back to the highlights and experiences in this ‘glitched’ Event, we are going to tackle them right away! For some tips, please do read the embedded Tweets below, as well as its explanations!

As shown, you shall be activating only six (6) live show special effects before beginning a medley! Why only 6 and not all 7? Basically, the first effect is very costly and the chances are also low for you to get a Gold reward after you complete the medley. If you are aiming for higher score, activate the Perfect Tap Score Up, Skill Chance Up, and some Perfects Support, if you are always prone on breaking your Combo Chain, due to your Perfect Lock Skills that are failing suddenly. Meanwhile, the EXP, and Increased Event Points are especially important if you want to grind more Ranks in the Event. And finally, the Support Members effect shall aid you also when you try to aim for higher score! Just pray for some Tap Score Ups buffs to appear, especially if you are facing your meta song!

For the Encore Time, when you completed all of the three songs in a Medley, they are appearing only by chances! And that was already highlighted and explained in Episode 24, in the JP Side!

This Event shall be ending in a few days next week! Final results shall be included next Episode, and look forward into that!

Round 22 Challenge Festival (Is it the last?)

So then, we are almost in the ending. And this is considered to be the endgame (maybe?) of the Global Side of LLSIF.

Coming soon. This Event shall be taking place on May 17 until May 26, 2021, after the Round 22 Medley Festival.

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Before this Episode ends, let us do feature of the week! This time, what could be the featured one?

This week, we shall be featuring… Lily White!

Lily White is a sub-unit of the legendary School Idol, μ’s. Lily White has various music genres because their range of voices are different. Somehow, their music can be serious, or sometimes, they can be romantic. This sub-unit had produced over 6 different songs, and that includes Anone Ganbare!, Binetsu Kara Mystery, Shunjo Romantic, and as well as having the solo versions of them.

Lily White is consisted of Umi Sonoda, Rin Hoshizora, and Nozomi Tojo.

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What shall happen next? Find out next week!

Things are getting more exciting as we are reaching and inching towards the ending. But then, more of these conflicts are rising up! But no matter what, we shall not let our guards down!

Thank you for reading today this Episode! I hope that you had enjoyed seeing and reading things throughout this Episode! So then, we shall see each other again in the next Episode!

Anything happened today after this Episode being published shall be included next Episode! And for the people who bought online tickets to watch Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s 3rd Live, enjoy!

See you all next week! Happy weekend!

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