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The School Idol Saga Continues.

So, if you have played this game very well in the entire year, you are indeed amazing! With all of the fun and drama is cycling around, it can be either exciting or not. This shall depend on how effortful you are playing. In fact, this is the all-new chapter of the School Idol Festival Series, in the LoveLive! Universe itself! So then, let us go to the highlights and the things that were encountered when I played this another gaming universe of the LoveLive! Series, the School Idol Festival ALL STARS.

About the School Idol Festival ALL STARS

The game, LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS is a next-generation rhythm-RPG game created and developed by the Japan company, KLab Inc., under the division KLab Games. It was created also with the assistance of Sunrise Inc. and another gaming company, Bushiroad Mobile (shortened as Bushimo) a division of Bushiroad. This game was released under the Android and iOS Systems last September 26, 2019 (Available in Japan territory only). Prior to the server opening on September 26, this app was available to download about two days early.


The game will mostly revolve around the main characters of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, as well as the other School Idol Groups that you will meet along. The protagonist (the player, you) will meet the childhood friend, Ayumu Uehara. You will talk about of seeing the School Idols performing in one stage, and you are amazed. You decided to form a group along with Ayumu to achieve that. And that is, your own School Idol Club shall form right here after that.

However, some of the girls, who can be future School Idols, that you will meet can be declining your invites to be one due to various reasons. As well, as the school council is telling you that your School Idol Club should be closed down, you are going to defend and not give up of your ambitions to make dreams a reality. Since you don’t want your school council to close down your club, you should do anything to impress them, and your mission is to inspire other people about your own small dreams that will eventually become big in the end! You shall be helped by people along the way. But the question is, would they join you and make you and Ayumu’s dreams come true and become a reality?

Highlights of the Game System

Characters and Rarities

Each characters and their versions and rarities have their own unique abilities and skills. Their aspects can help you to clear a live show and to land an S in the Voltage Score easily! Once scouted from a Gacha, they are now permanently be staying in your stable. They are converted into items called ‘School Idol Radiances’, items to be used to increase your School Idol’s Limit Break, in which they can be upgraded their Skills and Abilities further. Use this feature to improve your Voltage Score performance!

There are kinds of URs and SR members to be obtained in the game. Standard URs and SRs are obtained by scouting on the featured ‘Spotlight’ Gacha. The second type is the Event URs and SRs. Though that they are slightly weak than the actual Standard URs and SRs, they can be useful in some situations where you might use them as ‘substitutes’ for that UR or SR members that you don’t currently have. And finally, the another kind of these members are the Fest URs and SRs. These kind of members are the strongest in the game, and can be obtained at the time of the month.

Accessories and Other Equipment

There are many types of accessories to obtain in the game. Those accessories can be equipped to your School Idols in your team to increase your Appeal Power, Stamina, as well as your Technical Power. Also, apart from stats increase, you are given some of the abilities from these accessories, such as increasing with additional Appeal Power when the song starts, gives out Shields and SP when or after you complete Appeal Chances, and other more abilities like breaking your Voltage Score Tap limit.

Though that you can excel in your performance by just with School Idols in your team, what differs from the other players who use the same School Idols as yours is the accessories that you use and equip for them. Remember this!


They are divided into many kinds. First is the main story, where you can read the game’s main story plot, just as same as you watch a regular TV Anime series. The next one is the Character Episodes, in which it was divided into many kinds again. First one is the Bond Episode, in which you can read a character’s story which would revolve around you and her only (There are other characters along as well). And second, mostly, is the Side Episodes, where you can read her Side Stories, in which you can unlock them by upgrading her School Idol Skill Panels. Going back, the another type of Story is the Event Stories, where you can read Stories when you join or participate in the Events.

You have to read those Stories, especially the character Bond Episodes, in order to get some special items which were relevant in making them stronger!

Upgrading: Skill Panels

On every UR or other rarities of that character, there are Skill Panels to upgrade. You can spend some Golds and other items in order to upgrade and unlock them, as well as some costumes that you can get. By upgrading those, you can get some Love Star Gems, in which you can use them to Scout a new member! There are other purposes of it as well.

Upgrading: Bond Boards

This was introduced in their recent update, where you can upgrade that character’s base stats depending on her Bond Level. You can use this feature to maximize her UR and other rarity versions’ stats in which it can help you to win against some hard songs!

Live Shows and Events

You can play the game in the Live Show mode, where you can play some songs that you have unlocked in the Story Mode, as well as playing some songs that you have unlocked by reading a certain Bond Episode of that character. There are difficulties to play with: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. The first three difficulties to play are playable in your main Live Show library. The Daily Songs can be played on the Dailies section of the Live Show mode. They also contain some same difficulties as in the Main Live Show song section. Finally, the hard and more difficult songs are found in the Expert section of the game. If your team is strong enough to take down these songs, why not give it a try?

Further details of it can be talk about in the highlights of this game’s first anniversary, the time when I play this in the entire one year.

Gaming Highlights Through the Year

In this highlight below, I am going to give you some of the highlights or moments that I had encountered when playing this game for a year. Through screenshots and embedded Tweets below, you can read the caption each to find out what could be that one means! Take note that I would be only covering the ‘JP Side’ of the game, since the ‘Global Side’ is way different from this one.

About the Live Stages in the Live Show

I call these songs as ‘Live Stages’ from now on, in my own perspective. Each Live Stages have their own ‘gimmick’ or other tricks that can affect your teams’ Voltage Score capabilities. You Voltage Score can be higher or lower, depending on how well you formed your team to take advantage, as well as countering the gimmick or trick effects of these.

Sometimes, I got a struggle of landing a Voltage Score Rank S when I try to complete them. This usually happens if one of the Guest passives that I am using before the live show begins fail to trigger, at the point it only activates its Passive Skill at a ‘fixed’ chance. Also, I can score lower if I failed to complete that Appeal Chance, such as landing a number of Skill Activations to complete it. And then, my scoring capability depends on what members and accessories that were equipped in one strategy per team.

As the update goes advanced and progress, so does to the ‘newer’ Live Stages that are also becoming more difficult to beat. Also, newer URs and SRs are required to beat these newer Live Stages. So then, for new players who were about to begin playing this, they were feeling deprived of not owning those past Event URs that they missed, as well as some other URs that can be used to take down those harder Live Stages.

Other Events and Features

I don’t want to talk about this part, since it is too long (the best part is to discover them by yourself). Other Events, like the SIFAS Big Live Show (SBL), and the Dream Live Parade, are the other Events that can be played in this game.

Happy 1st Anniversary!

On September 26, it is the LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS 1st Anniversary Celebration, where-in there are lots of campaigns in which it shall commemorate its event celebration. So then, use this opportunity to grab some stuff in order to make them stronger, and at the same time, to excel in some aspects, like easily landing a Voltage Score Rank S on a very difficult song! Don’t forget about the Stamina, though.

And that’s it for today! I hope you have read everything about the highlights, as well as some experiences when I played this great game.

See you in the next topic, and cheers!

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