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Friends And Myself Indeed Love You

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Overview (Story)
“No matter how far you are, you are connected. That’s what makes a family!”

The showdown continues for Mukuro and Inverse Tohka — who could be victorious in getting Shido’s heart and love. A fierce battle has ensued when Shido asked Inverse Tohka on how the “Inverse” within Spirits are being triggered, which is believed to be originated from the Spirit of Origin. Mukuro stomps in, and desperately battles Inverse Tohka in order to sweep her away from Shido.

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Let’s go with our review and impression! Actually, I had mentioned that this is the Part 2!

There are at least four things to note here, as usual: The character, story, scenes, and something to learn from this Episode!

The first one is the character. Inverse Tohka might have explained on how do Spirits like her go into their “Berserk” state when they had experienced trauma and loss of hope. This is something like for Mukuro in experiencing the same trauma or event, in which she doesn’t want to happen it ever again. Since Mukuro don’t want to experience something like sadness for twice, she can turn into a person who is something else, where nobody knows her the same ever again. And this is what, for me, is the Inverse looked like — experiencing trauma, or anything that can shock their feelings, where it may happen again in the near future. Otherwise, this is where they lose their own sanity, doing harm and dangers to other people.

For the story, it is just actually a “Part 2”, where they have to do their “unfinished business”, as usual. As I had said in my previous review in this series, you have to scan every scene, and find out what triggers the conflict between the characters. The theme of the story arc is really tackling about the importance of family and friends. Not necessarily when you are in a group, all of the attention of the people are in you. I can tell this at the end of this review.

For the animation and scenes, in this Episode, I had observed that they had used the new 3D animation modelling technique, instead of the usual 2D animation drawing. This was observed during the fight scenes, which involve Inverse Tohka, Mukuro, and Origami. Man, I do really love seeing that kind of 3D effect, during the action scenes of Inverse Tohka and Mukuro. But then, doing that scene is kind of expensive, isn’t it?

And finally, for the final part of my review, I have learned the difference between family and friends. Friends can only be temporary, whether it can be a close friend or not. They can really turn into rivals at the end, if they already have your full trust to them. That’s why, the ending three letters in friend is “end”, which means it shall not last forever. And for the family, its ending three letters are “ily”, in which the three letters mean, “I love you”. That’s why, family should always comes first before your friends. And then, that’s why my Episode Review title is called as “Family”, in which the acronym meaning is “Friends and myself indeed love you.” It does mean that when an individual has a group of friends, and he or she has an important person that he or she needs in life, then it is considered as “family”. And it doesn’t matter if they are not physically present around you (far away or dead), so as long as you and your family are spiritually connected.

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Series Info
©2021 橘公司・つなこ/KADOKAWA/「デート・ア・ライブⅣ」製作委員会
©2021 Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “DATE A LIVE IV” Partners

This Anime series has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas since April 8, 2022, with its First Episode.

For more info, see this page.

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