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To Pat a Stray Cat

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Overview (Story)
“How about deciding on somebody who makes the other ones fall for them a winner?”

Kurumi Tokisaki is back, and has appeared before Shido at school. Her goal was to devour and steal Shido’s powers, while she said in return that she would allow her Spirit powers to be sealed, given if Shido was able to fulfill Kurumi’s condition. Kurumi finally challenged Shido into a decisive battle. If Shido managed to win by making her fall for him, she will allow her powers to be sealed. Otherwise, if Kurumi wins when Shido has fallen for her, she will devour and steal Shido’s powers.

Kurumi’s motive is finally revealed when Kotori and the other Spirits have gathered for a meeting, talking about the Spirit of Origin, in which Kurumi is aftering.

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Okay, are you feeling good now? Then, let’s read this review and impression of mine!

The number one best gal of most DAL fans… It’s none other than Kurumi Tokisaki! Speaking of her character so far, her personality is just like a usual, sadistic Yandere, where she will always allure you with her eyes, and her lips and tongue. But then, what makes her a best girl by her fans in this series? Somehow, her further characterization can be seen in some spinoff light novels and Manga, and her feature solo movie series, “Date A Bullet”. Going back to the question, what makes her a best girl by her fans? It is because, not only of her Yandere state, in which she attacks other girls. But her aggressiveness of her charm and beauty is what makes her the top choice — Also, due to the stupidity and carelessness of our main male harem character, Shido Itsuka. It is just like those Otakus are now acting as “slaves” for Kurumi, imaginating that they say something like, “Please, step me on my face!”, or “Pat me on the head, Kurumi-sama!”. Though her characterization is always sinister, evil, and cunny, due to Shido who acted stupid, this is what makes her the “Best Girl” of most Date A Live (DAL) fans. If it happens that Kurumi has done you a favor, just give her a headpat. Kurumi is like a stray cat that can be tamed by patting, and you know what that means, right?

For the story in this Episode, the plot is just straight. Knowing the motive of Kurumi on why she wanted to steal Shido’s powers, they were totally explained during at the time that Kotori and the other Spirits are briefing about Kurumi’s goal in finding the Spirit of Origin. In my observation, some scenes there have totally wasted the minutes of this Episode, due to the filler scenes, where Shido did a tickling attack on Kotori, his sister. And there is a frame of Yoshinon (Yoshino’s puppet) which can be turned into an Internet Meme GIF once again by fans. Overall, the Episode plot is just 70 percent, and since this is the first part of the arc, expect something more than 100 percent of the plot!

And to learn from this Episode, sometimes, you have to take the risk in challenging in some things, such as putting everything on the line, which involve something important like money. If you are going to accept a challenge from somebody, make sure that you could able to outbest him or her. But in some conditions, a challenger may lose the fight. In some point, this is where some heroes may take a chance to try again, and to not lose again on the same battle twice.

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Series Info
©2021 橘公司・つなこ/KADOKAWA/「デート・ア・ライブⅣ」製作委員会
©2021 Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “DATE A LIVE IV” Partners

This Anime series has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas since April 8, 2022, with its First Episode.

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