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A Spirit Mangaka

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)

“Been pushing them to show my thanks, but you don’t even react.”

Shido was currently on a body examination, just after a few days since he went berserk. One day, he saw a mysterious girl lying down on the ground. Having no choice but to help this hungry and exhausted girl, Shido meets her. He then carries this girl up to her current home that she was currently in or staying.

This girl appears to be the author of a long-running Manga series, which went hiatus since her disappearance. What did Shido not realize that she was a wandering Spirit who was captured for a long time, but escaped from the bad guys of DEM.

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We shall be meeting a new character from the light novel series, and she goes by the name “Nia Honjo”. Based from the light novel, she was of a type “Sister”. She can be having a nun-like, but skimpy, in appearance. Well, she looked like an “oracle”, for me, instead of a regular nun or sister. An oracle, in the meaning that she can predict what’s going to happen next, especially when she can actually backtrack someone’s past.

Alright, let’s go into the Episode Review!

In the past seasons, I wasn’t able, that time, to write reviews about this Anime. But then, since this is a seasonal sequel, maybe I should take time to look back on the characters, perhaps? But then, I ain’t going to reveal them all in this Episode Review! The best part is by discovering them by yourself.

Going back, it seems that I am seeing some art inconsistencies as this Anime series is progressing (Noted for the changing of animation studios per season). Later on, I am seeing Shido already as a “girl” in appearance, despite that he can be boyish and having short hair. Maybe his art structure (I am noting his eyes) can be the cause why I am always seeing him as a girl!

So then, Nia shall be the highlight here, as always, in this Episode. A typical girl who is an author of a “Shonen” manga can be somehow a representation here. So then, men can actually draw girls and some boys, while women can draw more boys than girls. It is basically balancing the gender quality — Boys into more girls, and girls into more boys. Yeah, something like that.

In the end, my enjoyment was cut off short because the pacing of the story is slow, which in fact the time was wasted because of unnecessary “lewd” scenes and other innuendo dialogues. Basically, it’s really a form of entertainment and pleasure, for some older Anime fans, to make them satisfied. However, as I finished this Episode, I didn’t learn anything.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next Episode, but it seems that they are going to divide the scene arcs into at least two (2) Episodes. So then, there are lots more to expect from this one.

If in case that this series is divided into two-Episode arc format, then my Episode Reviews for this shall be released as a one post, but it shall contain two Episodes each.

Let’s see if I could enjoy very well the opening and ending theme songs of this Anime this season. Maybe in my next Episode Review, perhaps?

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Series Info
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