Special Episode: Aim for Victory!

Last time, Saki Kitagawa has took a visit to the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School because the School Director there has invited her.

And then, a fateful meeting did occur, right after Saki has talked with the School Director. She is standing at the front of Kanon Shibuya and Ren Hazuki, face to face.

What would happen next? Find out by reading this Special Episode!

“It seems that you are both new to me,” said Saki. “May I know your names, please?”

Then, both Kanon and Ren began talking.

“I am Kanon Shibuya!”

“And I am Ren Hazuki.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Saki to them. “You girls are also School Idols, just like me in the past.”

As the surroundings are growing dark, due to the sun setting down, Ren has asked and said, “May I invite you to my house to talk? I know that you wanted to talk about something.”

“Let’s talk about School Idols!” said Kanon. “Would you give us some tips on how we could win at our upcoming LoveLive! contest?”

Saki did really not hesistate. And so, she agreed and she led them to her vehicle. And they rode to Ren Hazuki’s house.

The night came. Ren and Saki are talking, while sipping the coffee in their cups. Kanon is also sitting down while listening to their conversation.

They talked about on what has happened in their last season, when they were not able to qualify for the LoveLive! Finals.

From: LoveLive! Superstar!!, Episode 12.

“I see,” said Saki. “You people lost the LoveLive! because you definitely are lacking something. Something that really made your fans lost their faith.”

“But then, we already did our best!” said Ren. “Though that our students in our school had really supported us, telling that we must fight until the very end.”

“We have lost,” said Kanon. “And now, we are aiming for our first win in the upcoming LoveLive! contest this year!”

Saki is done drinking her coffee, and she has heard Kanon and Ren’s comments, saying, “That’s why doing your best is still not enough to win. If you don’t have that thing in your group, and if you don’t trust each other, then losing is only your ending. That thing is what we call bonds. Bonds will connect your feelings, and it is one of the weapons of every School Idol Groups.”

“But we had trusted each other since we are performing —“ said Ren and her sentences were cut short.

“Wait… I see!” said Kanon and she cuts Ren’s words. “That time when we performed, our supporters were too far away, and we can’t feel their presence!”

Saki finally speaks, and said, “I think my fellow rival, Hana Hazuki, has taught me that before, when she was able to defeat me in the last LoveLive! finals.”

“My mother has taught you?” said Ren.

“I am just almost at the same age as your mother, Ren. And I had finally stepped down from being a School Idol after that.”

“But why did you quit being a School Idol that time when you got defeated by my mother?”

“I quitted because I had already achieved my dreams. That time when we become so popular, our fans are easily getting closer to us like family. But for me, I quitted because I had achieved my purpose. I had become a winner of the LoveLive! Finals with my group, at the time when I was a School Idol.”

“I see. What did you do after you quitted?”

“Ever since then, many girls are asking me. They asked me on how they could be able to stand properly on the stage as School Idols. Sigh… I had become their mentor. But at the present, I am running a maid cafe in Akihabara.”

“Wow! So then, can we visit your maid cafe in Akihabara, someday?”

Kanon did recall on that maid cafe, in which she went before when she was walking alone going to school. And she said, “Let’s go visit there sometime! I wanna see and meet your crew there!”

“Of course, someday you can go there, if you have time, darling,” said Saki to Kanon who is already blushing.

“Eh…? She called me darling?” Kanon said.

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And a half-hour later, a dog named Chibi is barking at Ren, telling something.

“We got visitors? No way…”

And she goes to the door and opens it. It was just only a group of their friends who just visited.

“What? Not fair!” said Keke Tang. “You didn’t really invite us!”

“Good thing we had traced them down here,” said Shiki Wakana. “I had implanted a tracking device on Kanon’s bag.”

And so, the other people in Liella! group has arrived. They had finally all went inside in Ren’s House.

Inside a wide room, Saki finally meets with the nine members of Liella! group.

“So, you girls are the new-gen School Idols that they talk about, right?”

“Yeah!” said Kanon, “And thank you for your advices, Mentor-sama!”

“Thank you, then. But since when I become a mentor for you?!?”

“Shall we introduce ourselves?”

“Nice meeting you, Team Liella!.”

“Pleased to meet you! We are the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School Idols, Liella! Thank you very much!”

“And I am a former School Idol, who is also a former LoveLive! winner, Saki Kitagawa!”

And outside of the house, someone is watching from a distance. It was a mysterious girl with lavender hair, while her face is always serious. She is someone who is like a worthy rival of other School Idol groups. And after a vehicle has passed by, she was disappeared from sight.


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