EPISODE 26: Digitariel

Let us read the Story Episode to see what happens! The cour for this season is about to conclude!

Chiharu finally steps in front, and she talks straight to Mikako.

“Mikako! I know that your hatred towards School Idols are absolute. But violence and revenge can only make everything worse!”

“You don’t understand what I am feeling, you lousy student! I had been through with massive embarrassment and frustration, and you are still telling me to try again? What’s the point of trying again with effort, and at the end, you will fail?”

“It doesn’t matter! It is just you who is making your own drama!”

“Drama? I will show you what means of having a drama. I will show you how it’s done.”

Mikako snaps her fingers. Then, some tentacles appeared under the Idol Chasers. Though that some of them got captured, some of them have dodged and escaped.

Chiharu, Aika, Sho, Lierre, Mami, and Saki have been captured by those tentacles. And overtime, their energies are being drained.

Meanwhile, Komari and Gen were able to dodge and escape.

“HAHA!” laughed Mikako. “It’s just like reading a doujinshi manga!”

Komari isn’t wasting any time, and she tries to attack Mikako using her pistol. However, Antyla’s monster, Beteldra, has blocked in the way.

“Don’t forget about me in the scene, Komari Ohara!” said the arrogant Antyla.

“Shucks,” said the hopeless Komari. “Looks like we have been totally surrounded!”

When Lierre’s lifeforce energy is fading out, she used her remaining powers in order to do some action.

She used her Deport skill on Komari and said, “Komari, you must return to the present world. You must tell the School Idols that they should do a grand live show in the center of the city at high noon!”

Komari heard those words from Lierre. And so, she was teleported away from the scene.

Upon using the Deport skill, Lierre’s consciousness has faded out.

Gen is the only one standing, while seeing his friends captured by the Black Lace Ribbons.

“You have nowhere to go, shadow!” said Mitsu.

“In my opinion, it is either you join, or you die,” said Seiba.

“Just don’t play jokes, or you will be just like them!” said Eru.

“Just be nice, and you will be treated nice, also,” said Aru.

With no other choice, Gen has finally thought of a plan. Gen has finally made his face turn here. He then said, “Alright, let me be your servant this time, Black Lace Riboons.”

Everybody else were surprised about Gen’s face turn.

“No!” said Sho. “You just betrayed us!”

“I can do no harm,” said Gen. “So as long as we don’t do this so-called violence, then I can cooperate.”

“Alright,” said Mikako Kira to Gen. “You were just my former ally, too.”

Chiharu is almost fading out. She is just uttering words, saying, “Lierre… everyone… I want to save… everybody… I want to achieve my dream… Honoka…”

Back at the maid cafe, the Digitariel which was stuck into the wall has self-activated, and has finally made an operation. From there, it has teleported Chiharu out from the tentacles. And she was transported back to the maid cafe along with the Digitariel.

“I see,” said Mikako. “That brat has escaped again. How lucky she is.”

And so, the Idol Chasers were totally outrunned. Meanwhile, Gen Sakurauchi has finally joined the Black Lace Ribbons as an exchange for not hurting his friends with violence.

Finally, the Black Lace Ribbons returned to their own Parallel World, leaving Planet Eidos in minor ruins.

Meanwhile, the Eidonians, led by Dianthus, has arrived. But it was too late.

“Rhadamanthus,” said Dianthus. “Looks like the war is about to start soon!”

Back at the maid cafe, Chiharu finally looks at the Digitariel, which is finally detached from the wall. It is now floating around her, and it is somehow communicating within her feelings.

“Are you telling me,” said Chiharu to the Digitariel, “That I am able to handle you with Lierre’s absence?”

The Digitariel comes closer to Chiharu, telling her to grab it.

And so, Chiharu finally grabs on to the Digitariel, and she stated herself.

“I am Chiharu Umiboshi! I am a 3rd Year High Schooler from Shinonome Academy! I had become a School Idol to win the LoveLive! Contest!”

The surroundings around her momentarily flashed. And now, Chiharu is the new bearer of the Digitariel, which contained Lierre’s memories, and her own memories as well.

When she went outside of the maid cafe, she knows that she was already back to the present world without her friends, the Idol Chasers. But then, upon looking at the Digitariel, she reads on what to do next. Finally, she immediately walks forward going to somewhere.

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AIKA: Today, the Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023 for Aqours is about to commence later!
MAMI: Some other stuff for the Team Nijigasaki has been announced lately, especially on the SIF2 rhythm game.
LIERRE: Talking about their latest news about their live performances, what has happened lately?
SAKI: Speaking of them, we shall be talking about here in this Episode!

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

TODAY: Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023

TAKAYOSHI: It’s on! Are you ready, guys?
SAKI: Of course, we are! I am expecting Aqours to perform this time around, huh?
AIKA: Also, don’t forget that Yohane the Parhelion segment is also present on that live!
SHO: Yeah, and I can’t wait for them to be on action on at least three days! From today, until Monday!
TAKAYOSHI: Please look forward into their live show later! This Event shall be running for at least three days, and hosts per day are differing from each other.
SAKI: So, if you want to watch them all, you have to attend both of the three days!
AIKA: Refer to their official website for more details on how to watch!
SHO: Yohane-sama! I am watching for you!!

Nijigasaki Updates

Happy Birthday, Shioriko!

AIKA: And then, let’s greet Shioriko a happy birthday, whose birthday was celebrated last October 5th!

SAKI: Hello, Shioriko! Just remember that there are people around you who treats you like a little sister. What do I mean “little sister” here, Shioriko? That means, you are around with them to give them motivation and love. And that is what makes your love stronger than anyone else. Happy birthday, dear Shioriko Mifune!

AIKA: Oh, that’s a nice birthday message!
MAMI: And then, for SIF2 players out there, be sure to check out her birthday scouting for a chance to win her featured UR!

Nijigasaki 5th Album Released

LIERRE: Last October 4, their fifth “love song” album has been released.
MAMI: This album would contain at least thirteen songs!
LIERRE: This might include some freebies, which would include a lottery ticket leading to their 6th Live! Event, and a serial code for the SIF2 rhythm game.
MAMI: Also, this is now available in your favorite music streaming sites, like Spotify!

Liella! Updates

Liella! Livestream (October 12, 2023)

GEN: We got some Liella! Livestream next week here.
LIERRE: Yep, and it shall be on October 12th (Thursday), 2023, at 8:00 pm JST.
AIKA: Hosts are Sakura Sakakura (Tomari), Nako Misaki (Chisato), Akane Yabushima (Mei), and…
GEN: Yuina as Wien Margarete. (comes closer)
AIKA: Eekkkk! Scary!!
LIERRE: Make sure to tune-in to their stream for some latest info about their merch and media, live events, as well as celebrating the upcoming Half Anniversary for the SIF2 rhythm game!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Songs to Challenge!

TAKAYOSHI: These new songs are now up since October 3rd, and they can now be challenged!
SHO: Pretty new, huh?
GEN: The following songs can now be played on the Aqours side.

  • Ao no Aurora
  • Mata Kimi ni Aunda
  • MABOROSHI wing

TAKAYOSHI: And don’t forget that new song from the Nijigasaki Side that has a MASTER difficulty!
SHO: Ah! That one? Now that’s a challenge, Taka-Bro!
GEN: Make sure to check out those new songs, as well as to challenge them!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club - TOKIMEKI Runners

Lyrics: Aki Hata
Composition and Arrangement: Tsukasa Yatoki (Arte Refact)

TAKAYOSHI: TOKIMEKI Runners is the name of their debut song as School Idols in the LoveLive! Series.
SHO: Also, this was the theme song for their… School Idol Festival ALL STARS smartphone game!
GEN: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club previously started as only with nine members. Until, they had increased into 10. Then, they had finally become 12.
TAKAYOSHI: Yu Takasaki is their coach, right? That makes them 13!

SHO: And not to mention… It seems that TOKIMEKI Runners is having various variations when it comes to versions.
GEN: That time when Shioriko joined them as a School Idol. Then followed by Mia and Lanzhu, and they become twelve!
TAKAYOSHI: And that’s how the 12-member version of this song did exist.
SHO: When it comes to the versions, they are somehow differing in note beatmaps, so watch out!

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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And at the Shinonome Lab, at Rika Kamiya’s place, Takayoshi, Komari, and Rika are talking on how they could able to solve their ongoing major problems.

“What should we do now?” asked Takayoshi.

“I mean LoveLive! Contest qualifiers is just around the corner!” said Komari.

“We can’t help ourselves, but to whine,” said Rika.

Suddenly, a door knock was heard. Takayoshi finally stands up, and he never hesitates to open the door. And then, he finally saw someone whom he has never seen for a long time.

“Chiharu? You’re back!” he said.

“Takayoshi? Komari?” said Chiharu as she saw the two of her friends. “Thank goodness!”

And so, Chiharu, Takayoshi, and Komari finally united, as Idol Chasers members.

This is where they must plan for a strategy on how they could able to save the bulk of their friends from the Black Lace Ribbons.

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