EPISODE 25: Planet Eidos

Just a while ago, before Komari Ohara got separated from Chiharu and the Idol Chasers, they had finally arrived at the next Parallel World.

And then… This feeling… My surroundings are dark, and I am feeling the pain.

All you have to do is to read the Story Episode, to see what happens.

This is Lierre, who is speaking to you, reader.

And so, after an earthquake in their maid cafe, the Digitariel has shown the last Parallel World that the Idol Chasers must explore, and to find the Prism Card.

“This world…” said Lierre. “We have finally arrived. It’s Planet Eidos. No doubt about it.”

“Planet Eidos!?” surprised everyone else.

“I think the time has really come. Remember about the Eidonians, who were throwing people into the unknown dimension?”

“Eeekkk!!” said Sho Ukiya in surprise when he heard about it. “And you would be thrown there if you ain’t an Eidonian, right?”

“Oh no!” said Mami. “Then, what should we do?”

Saki has finally cleared out her silence and said, “Eidonians, huh? It is my first time meeting them. Lierre! All of us should go out and let’s meet with them!”

Lierre finally objects and said, “But Saki… They aren’t humans just like you. We should never underestimate —“

“I know about it, and we are totally prepared. Just trust me. Let me talk to them. I know that I am no Eidonian. But my words could ever reach them!”

Lierre is somehow trusting Saki’s brave will and trust. Then, she said, “Okay, just remember that we should all stick together this time.”

“That’s why…” Saki said and commanded, “Idol Chasers, Stage Start!”

“S.I.F. !!” responded the everybody else.

And all together, they went outside.

When they all went outside, the surroundings are somehow deserted. There was no sun that lights the entire land — as if it is just like walking around the outer space. And the skies are dark, and was having the stars to twinkle instead.

And so, everyone has walked into the lands.

“Planet Eidos,” said Chiharu. “I feel that I am just like walking on a moon!”

“Huhu…” said Aika and complained, “I do really hate in walking in any deserted places, whether hot or cold!”

“This trembling cold…” said Gen. “I can feel an evil presence! Keep your eyes open, everyone!”

“I think Gen is right,” said Komari. “I had to get my pistol ready!”

And so, one by one, the Eidonians have finally surrounded them. They are somehow in a form of female humanoid fairies, in appearance.

When they were surrounded, one Eidonian has recognized somebody here. And she asked, “Is that you… Lierre?”

When Lierre heard that, and she saw her, she replied, “Dianthus? So, you had finally found me.”

“Lierre, you had been missing for many years! Finally, you came back! And who are these people among you?”

“They are my friends. They had helped me to reach back here. It is a long story to tell.”

“But then, our Eidonian ethics should not be broken! Anyone who is not an Eidonian should be thrown into the Ars Realm, or the Prison of Eternal Age!”

And so, the Eidonians have begun capturing Chiharu and the others.

“Wait, we can still talk about this!” Lierre persuades. “Please give me enough time to explain!”

“No need, fellow,” replied Dianthus back to Lierre.

“Mikako Kira and the Black Lace Ribbons are coming soon to conquer our world! Believe me or not, none of you shall survive against them!” said Lierre.

When the Idol Chasers are in the verge of being thrown into the Interdimensional Portal set by the Eidonians, Dianthus has commanded to halt them. And so, the Idol Chasers were finally saved.

Saki finally joins into the conversation, and said, “You don’t seem to be bad people! Please, take us to your master. We can talk about the Black Lace Ribbons!”

Lierre finally talks to Saki and said, “Saki, you should stay out of this. Just let me be the one who could talk to Dianthus this time!”

Then, Dianthus said, “Alright, we shall be taking you to Queen Xenia right away. You can discuss something to her.”

And so, the Eidonians had taken the Idol Chasers to the center kingdom of the Planet Eidos.

At the kingdom, they had finally met Xenia, the Queen of the Eidos Kingdom, in the Planet Eidos.

“My dear daughter… Lierre! You are back!” said her.

Lierre finally hugs her mother, Queen Xenia, after seeing her after many years.

“Mother, it’s been a long time. I have finally returned!”

Chiharu is looking at Lierre finally reuniting with her true mother. And she said, “I see. So, you were an Eidonian after all, Lierre.”

Saki finally knows that Lierre is an Eidonian. And she said, “And now, she has finally return to her home, which is Planet Eidos. This is the place where she came from, originally.”

Queen Xenia finally talks to Lierre, and asked, “Who are these unwanted visitors, my dear Lierre?”

Lierre replied, “It’s a long story. What conflict are we facing right now is with the dark rivals in the darkness, the Black Lace Ribbons, which was led by Mikako Kira.”

“I see. So, Rhadamanthus has finally expanded his dark army, huh? What is he up to now?”

Suddenly, an explosion was heard, and a group of Eidonians were finally fainted in the battle. When they heard of the explosion, the Idol Chasers and the other Eidonians have went outside.

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LIERRE: Seemingly, we are almost at the end of this 2nd cour this time, guys.
SHO: Eh?!? Seriously?
AIKA: I can’t believe that time really runs fast! But, oh well.
MAMI: Right now, as this year is almost ending, with just only three months left…
TAKAYOSHI: There are things to expect here soon in the LoveLive! Series. Such as that, a couple of live events are just on the way.
SAKI: Speaking of them which, what has happened during this week?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

NEXT WEEK: Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023

SAKI: This is it! Next week shall be in favor of Aqours now!
LIERRE: This Event shall be held on at least three days, which also including Monday on its third day!
TAKAYOSHI: Hosts are differing from each day. So, if you wanna listen and watch all of their songs, you have to attend all of the three days of this Event!
SAKI: So, what to expect here in this Event, Lierre?
LIERRE: First is mostly their songs from the LoveLive! Sunshine!! Anime, which included also their talk parts in the Event. Second is the other segment, which would include the elements from the Yohane the Parhelion Anime. And the third one is… This is when you watch their show!
TAKAYOSHI: In some time in the future, they might announce something right after their live! If not, maybe in their upcoming livestreams in the future!

SAKI: Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri 2023!
LIERRE: At Kiramesse Numazu, on October 7-9, 2023!
SAKI: Of course, Overseas Paid Live Streaming is now available for fans outside Japan!

Event Page here.

Nijigasaki Updates

Shioriko Mifune’s Birthday!

AIKA: Who’s your favorite School Idol, Mami?
MAMI: For my School Idol Sign, it’s Ayumu. Definitely, I like Ayumu. How about you, Aika?
AIKA: Um… Definitely, it’s Kotori for me! Hehe…
MAMI: Well, speaking of Shioriko Mifune… Her birthday is celebrated every 5th of October, so…
AIKA: Ah! Let’s have Saki to greet Shioriko a happy birthday!
MAMI: Yeah, and based from her character, she is cool, formal, and modest School Idol. Yeah, just like madam Saki!
AIKA: Let’s greet Shioriko on her birthday on October 5th, as well as doing them next Episode!
MAMI: Also, please do check out her birthday campaigns soon on SIF2 rhythm game — to be announced by the team soon in your in-game notifications!

Liella! Updates

Happy Birthday, Sumire Heanna!

AIKA: Today, we are going to celebrate and to give some birthday messages to Sumire Heanna, whose birthday was celebrated last September 28th!
MAMI: So, Sho. Will you be able to give out your birthday messages to her this time?
SHO: Alright. I will do this!

SHO: Happy birthday, Sumire Heanna from Team Liella!! I haven’t known you ever since. But based from your profile, you are a perfectionist! You are just doing everything that goes into your plan perfectly without fail! But then, I got a wish for you. Sometimes, you must also learn on how to commit mistakes, because we are all humans who are making mistakes. It is because that’s the only way in order to become the best of them all! Once again, happy birthday, Sumire Heanna!

SAKI: Now that’s a nice birthday greeting. I hope that these messages would even reach her!
LIERRE: And not to mention also that her birthday scouting is still up on SIF2! Make sure to scout for her new UR, if you got chance!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Miracle Collection: What Comes Out!? Halloween

AIKA: Guys, mind if I blend in?
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, Aika. Because, you are always welcome!
AIKA: Thank you!
SHO: Yay! Aika-chan did really join with us in our games updates for SIF2!
GEN: Alright, let’s get into our Headline.
AIKA: And speaking of the next Event in the game, it’s Nijigasaki side’s turn!
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right. And the Event UR Reward shall be Shizuku Osaka.
SHO: My LP recovery items are now stacked up! I am totally ready!
GEN: And the Event song to be used is Love U my friends (12 people ver.). You know already the mechanics when playing in this Miracle Collection Event, don’t you?
AIKA: Good luck and enjoy there, boys! And be victorious!
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, we will!
SHO: Are you ready, guys? Let’s do it!
GEN: Stage Start!

ALL: S.I.F. !!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

Fantastic Departure!

Lyrics: Aki Hata
Composition: Kanata Okajima, MEG
Arrangement: MEG

TAKAYOSHI: Fantastic Departure! is the name of their song, in which it is somehow a theme song to their long-lost “6th Live Dome Tour” in 2020.
SHO: 6th Live Dome Tour? 2020? That’s…
GEN: !!
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right. A lot of story has happened, in which it has caused them no other choice, but to cancel it.
SHO: Well, that’s a law of nature, right?
GEN: And speaking of its notes beatmap, it’s just easy. I had heard that this has already a MASTER beatmap existing, but was once used only in tournaments.
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah, and I do still remember the showdown between me and Hyoshiro.
SHO: But at least now, Aqours has finally moved forward into a different future!

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

Other Updates

Ijigen Fes Key Visual

LIERRE: Behold! These idols will be uniting for a great concert! They shall be—
SAKI: Their key visual is somehow released to make everybody be excited.
LIERRE: It seems. And then, we shall be starting to give out some little details about this one, since this is just about 2 months away from this Episode!
SAKI: That’s right, Lierre.
LIERRE: Idolm@ster Series… LoveLive! Series…
SAKI: That’s Ijigen Fes: The Idolm@ster★❤LoveLive! Uta Gassen.
LIERRE: Coming soon in December 2023. Visit their official homepage for more details.

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And there, they had finally met their long-lost enemy in meeting, along with the other Black Lace Ribbons members.

Along are Mitsu, Seiba, Eru, Aru, and Mikako Kira herself.

The Idol Chasers were finally surprised and they had finally met the entire Black Lace Ribbons members.

“Mikako Kira!” said Saki to her.

“Yo!” said Mikako to the Idol Chasers. “It’s been a while meeting you again, Saki Kitagawa!”

“It’s too late to run away!” said Sho as he saw many group of enemies surrounding them.

And so, Chiharu finally gets an opportunity to meet Mikako Kira, Saki Kitagawa’s formidable rival, once again, face-to-face.

And this ends the Episode. Lierre finally narrates.

“The Idol Chasers has finally stepped into my homeworld, which is found to be Planet Eidos. And from there, Chiharu finally finds out that I am an Eidonian. But then, this doesn’t really explain enough of my own history. It is because, they haven’t found out the true mystery behind with my inner other self’s true identity and origin. What this could be? And I can’t seem to find that in my Digitariel, the digital tablet book of my own memories that Honoka has given to me.”

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