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The Cloned Heroine

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Overview (Story)
“Is that an order?”

As Blade and others are doing their usual training lessons about fighting, Earnest asked him to watch over with a girl, who was named as Sophie. Blade did help her, and he has taught her on how to fight using with a sword weapon while charging her own powers.

Blade was then called by King Gilgamesh about his progress with the training lessons. The king then told Blade about Sophie’s one secret that he doesn’t know about.

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This is ridiculously funny. About Blade saying on the first Episode that he wanted to be a normal person, he then asked this:

Let’s have a review!

Earnest Flaming did really shift her character slightly here, thanks to Blade for being so weird and mindless. And then, Leonard is really acting funny here, such as turning himself into a melting sand when got embarrassed on the spot.

Finally, let’s get with Sophie, which is basically the title of this Episode. Sophie is a mysterious girl who is really a test subject, who is also found to be a “clone heroine”. My thoughts about Sophie is just really cool, but there are times that she may become ditzy because of Blade’s carelessness. Such as that, she ain’t even reacting, even when she is being peeped.

Story is just really linear, while focusing on one character at a time. But then, this Episode is mostly focused on Sophie. And it is quite obvious that the plot is really shallow and slow-paced — from being funny until it has become bit serious.

One thought about this Episode is that it has some random “ecchi” scenes to boot on. Such as that, it can range into various suggestive situations (There’s one nude scene!), where a character like Earnest is talking. Especially when they are in the “undercover stalking” on Blade and Sophie. So far, they had executed some excessive amount of Ecchiservice, on what I call.

It is okay to convey your feelings for someone that you love. At least, you are telling the truth already, rather than hiding them as a lie. And that’s what I have learned.

Overall, this could be sinking in the bad rating, especially when there are some unnecessary scenes which could be sometimes out of context. I am used to like some Ecchi galore, but when they were used repetitively, they can be annoying, sometimes. But then, the essence of the plot that I am looking for is still not enough for me to be satisfied.

My Rating: WORST (1.3/5)

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Series Info
Eiyuu Kyoushitsu - Classroom for Heroes

Can be streamed on Bilibili Asia and on Crunchyroll.

This Anime premiered since from July 9, 2023 with its first Episode.

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