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Today, we feature Lisa Imai as our weekly character!

Character Info
NameLisa Imai
SeriesAnime / Video Game
BanG Dream! Series
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party
TypeBand Girl (Bassist)
Hair ColorGinger Brown
VoiceYurika Endo
Yuki Nakashima
Full Info

Lisa Imai is a bassist girl, from the Girls Rock Band Unit, called Roselia.

Lisa are well friends with Yukina Minato, who is also her band mate in Roselia.

Her usual outfit is in “gyaru” fashion, but she likes to try out other genres of clothing, but only in secret, due to her mismatch with her own image.

Lisa Imai can be caring and calm, and she can notice somebody who is having problems. She can help someone immediately whenever she can, and sometimes she is called as the “big-sis” among her band mates. She can be the least-skilled, but then she is deemed useful whenever some simple or tough situations do arise.

Always seek help whenever you are sad and lonely, and Lisa is just there to help!

Inori Donz

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