EPISODE 07: Social Media Rants

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All actual real-life people, places, things, and events were having their names replaced with something else. So that in order to protect the privacy, integrity, and rights of those things mentioned in this blog post series.

Some phrases and/or paragraphs may trigger an individual, group, or ethnicity. And some parts of this blog post series may contain profanity, which is not suitable for young readers and audiences. Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

In this Episode, I am going to talk about something that most people that I know do. This is what I call as the “Community Rant”.

Ranting is just a word when you are fed up on something in the Social Media World. You can throw your hate speech there, or by simply releasing all of your anger and frustration on somebody or something else, through with a single post, message or comment, or even through with an “Internet Meme” photo.

It usually happens when either of your opposing parties or you did something wrong. Which in fact, the question is who’s really the one who did it wrong in the first place?

I got someone in my friends list who is doing nothing, but sending some rants and curses to everyone else. I can call him in the name, “Bogart”.

Bogart is an arrogant person who is belittling anyone who tries to disrespect him out of his works. Somebody tries to give him some advice about Cosplay and Photography techniques. But the thing is, instead of giving him encouragement and advice, he is just badmouthing and backlashing them.

Something like you can expect some phrases from him:

“None of your business, you cannot speak to me like that as if I care.”

“Call me Monggoloid again… You did cross the effin’ line for what you did to me.”

“You are going down!”

“I am not always ranting, and please!!”

But before he has gone into something like that, did you know that his first issue has expanded further, when he tried harassing someone during in a Cosplay photoshoot? And also, count in with his inconsistency with the photoshoot, while him being too “different” from the group that he is with (Assuming that the people around him are in their mecha suits, while he is just donned in a formal tuxedo suit).

Because of those issues, as well as scolding him many times about it, he just never listened and he continues doing it without being aware of his surroundings. Even the people who were closest to him, they all went away from him.

It is really better to take advices from everybody, including your family, rather than being ignorant, and trying to just think about yourself. Ranting in large communities isn’t very good to the eyes. And if you make rants, what would they feel about you? Not only your friends will see it, but your family and the ones who are closest to you will just be displeased and be disappointed at you, thus giving you bad impressions.

Not just Bogart, but there are some other people whom I had seen ranting something like this on the Social Media World. Someone who is ranting on some things that he has seen in a local Anime Convention, in a Cosplay Community.

Yeah, and something like,

“I just noticed that there aren’t too much mecha Cosplayers.”

“Ugly Cosplayers are getting more uglier than ever.”

“Too many bystanders in the ‘food court’ area.”

“Yeah, this Anime figure is expensive. And if that’s your marketing strategy, you should have closed your shop, lol”

“Venue tickets in the local Anime convention is expensive, yet the stage area is just too lacking. And the venue sucks!”

I am not totally butthurt on what he has said. Definitely, he is just an attention coward.

So then, can you earn some money by just ranting on social media? Basically, you can rant and complain at anytime in the public or community. But what’s the price for doing that? Of course, not only because you are making them read your post, as well as making reactions on it. But then, you are just making yourself to put your own reputation and respect on the line.

I maybe an Ugly Otaku, and I may do ranting on social media. But the thing is… I don’t want to cause an issue, where it has to involve my family and the other people who were closest and dear to me.

So how to shut the friggin’ mouths of these people who do rants and backlashing comments on social media? There are things that you can do in order to prove them that they are causing issues.

First. You just need to talk to a close “relative” or “family member” of the person who do ranting. Just don’t forget to introduce yourself, though.

Second. Talk to that person in a nice manner, and make sure that you have a fun conversation (like your experiences). And then, bit by bit, tell that person on what has happened. Just show to him or her some screenshots or proofs.

Third and finally, just don’t forget to thank him or her for the time that you have borrowed to talk. And then, end your conversation in a nice manner. It is then up to the person whom you had talked with to deal with the ranter.

So then, I have learned on how to deal with these. If they rant in public, even if they mention your name, just don’t react and just ignore. You can block them if you have too, but make sure to take screenshots of proofs or evidences that can tell that they are guilty.

And to tell, the usage of SNS accounts can be one of the important evidences that you can show in order to prove some criminal activities made by that person or group of people.

So guys, ranting or making issues isn’t good to the eyes of the community elsewhere. It can just make you to be defamed from your place on where are you now.

And this is Slob, your usual Ugly Otaku! Thank you for reading this Episode!


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