The Unpredictable Future

The future is unpredictable, in the sense that we do not know what is going to happen next. The time in the future is sometimes changing, and it changes depending on our present actions. Basically, the future timeline is dependent on its present timeline — what we do in that time is also the outcome of the future. So then, every actions that we make today determines our future!

Basically, every Episode in School Idol Festival Journal Log is not totally scripted, in the sense that it doesn’t know also the future! Right now, in the present, what has happened is already the past time, and everything which is not indeed present here in this Episode is the unpredictable future!

Let us begin the 27th Episode of Inori-D Station’s weekly blog post segment, the School Idol Festival Journal Log! That’s right, LoveLive! Universe isn’t a game. LoveLive! is indeed a universe where everything is shining brilliantly, and connecting endlessly in between timelines of the existing School Idol groups!


Today, we got some headlines to highlight! In fact, their future timeline is totally unpredictable… with surprises! Please continue reading below!

LoveLive! Superstar!! Update

So right now, we got some update with the newest incoming School Idol group, Liella!, and they are now doing character introductions via their YouTube channel! Please see the embedded Tweet above, and find the YouTube video shortlink that can lead you to that character voice introduction! They had started this since with Kanon Shibuya (VA: Sayuri Date).

Remember that they shall do it with the other four members of Liella!, so look forward into that!

A Birthday Message to Hanayo Koizumi from µ’s

Right now, I am going to post my advanced birthday message for Hanayo today! Since her birthday is on the 17th of January, just two days from this Episode, I am going to do it now, so that there would be no delays! Alright, let’s read this birthday message!

Dear Hanayo Koizumi,

You were gentle and soft as an alpaca wool. You often play together with your best friend, Rin.

For my birthday wish for you, you shall continue to do things that can make you happy the most! And at the same time, be brave and try to overcome any odds that can intercept your own ambitions to being a great person like everyone else. And finally… Don’t forget to cheer yourself up, and cheer up any person if they are very sad when they fail to get your new Birthday Limited UR in LLSIF rhythm game!

That’s right! You are the happiest Hanayo Koizumi that I ever met! So then, do you like singing some songs in a karaoke? Let me join singing songs with you someday!

Finally, to end this message, let me greet you with a sweet greeting. Happy Birthday to you, dear Hanayo Koizumi from µ’s, and a sub-unit member from Printemps! As a fan, I love you along with the other µ’s members!

Right now, her ongoing Birthday Campaigns are present in the both sides of LLSIF rhythm game! Please do check them out later by continuing to read this Episode until the very end!

Aqours Livestream – January 17, 2021

Also, happening this weekend is the Aqours Livestream! It is scheduled for January 17, 2021, at 8:00 pm JST (UTC+9)! Hosting in the stream shall be Nanaka Suwa (Kanan’s VA) and Aina Suzuki (Mari’s VA)! Do note that these two are belonging to the duo-trio sub-unit for their recently-released WINTER VACATION album!

You shall encounter and expect at their livestream about the highlights that happened during the WHITE ISLAND live last December 30 and 31. Also, you can get some info with regards to their upcoming major lives, most probably the AZALEA’s sub-unit live, and their upcoming 5th Anniversary live that would take place somewhere in the month of May! Yep, there are lots to encounter. And aside from them reading fan e-mails, you can expect some info, such as the upcoming birthday solo albums of Kanan, or even Hanamaru, soon!

Don’t forget to also tune-in to that livestream, since they might give out some info about the upcoming contents and updates that shall be coming soon to LLSIF and ALL STARS! And finally, look forward into that!

Yep, so much to expect there! That’s why the future is totally unpredictable!

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And that’s it for the headlines today! Somehow, it is going to be an action-packed Friday today, and in the weekends! Putting now these aside, let us go to the other highlights within this Episode! What were the highlights and some important moments that were encountered in the past weekend, and this week on LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game?


In the JP Side today, it is going to be a one versus two grinding, since we got also a Live Show Arena ongoing there! And then, an Event was about to end in just few hours, before its termination time! Please read this Episode until the very end, and please read the paragraph below to continue!

Hanayo Koizumi Birthday Campaign

Starting this year, and starting with Hanayo Koizumi from µ’s, they shall be introducing new set of birthday limited URs to be obtained by scouting! That’s right, and they shall be in a 100-member box scouting format! There are two box scoutings to choose from. The first one is her new birthday limited UR, and it cannot be reset once acquired! The second one is basically the same, but it includes her past birthday limited URs released! That second box scouting can be reset, and you can randomly get one of her past birthday limited URs! Try your luck, and try getting her past birthday UR, if in case you don’t have it yet ever since!

Remember to scout in these birthday boxes, if in case you are in need of some items that you can use in order to win Live Session Matches in the Live Show Arena!

Both of these boxes shall last until her birthday on January 17th. Be sure to scout if you love Hanayo the Rice Goddess!

And finally, don’t forget to do the limited daily goals during this campaign period! They shall give you 1 Love Gem per daily goal finished, and shall give you 2 Love Gems when you complete all of the consecutive daily goals! Just simply put Hanayo (any rarity, except kids and other Special members) into any of your team! Remember to do them daily, since missing one day would never allow you to get to the final goal, which is worth 2 Love Gems!

Icon Collection: Hot Pot Party (Final)

For the final highlights, I am going to tell you what has happened recently when I tried to leave this in a while, due to the fact that I had played and grinded so hard in the Global Side for the Challenge Festival Event there.

Basically, I am in the bottom ranks now, and I am always looking for a time and chance on when to grind and attack. I just need to play more songs in either B-Sides or Hits Sides so that I could gain enough Tokens to play for the featured Event Song. Well, I ain’t going to play more Shocking Party anymore, due to the fact that I am getting more exhausted and bored, and I want to play other songs (Had experienced that in the previous Icon Collection Event in the Aqours Side).

Right now, they are re-releasing previous MASTER songs in the B-Sides for me to fight with. Also, it includes a new 5-Icon MASTER song, in which it shall sideline along with the featured Icon Collection Event song!

So then, I am challenging myself into new challenges or situations, in which I have to beat my previous score with the new Score. My current teams are already updated and upgraded with new members, and they have their Skill Levels upgraded, too!

The featured Icon Collection song in MASTER difficulty is just easy! Just simply follow the song melodies (i.e. accompanying voices and instruments) in that song as you play and tap! And yep, this was mentioned in the last week’s Episode before!

I think there is no need for me to give the final results of my progress in this Event! I know that I could finish it with a Tier 2-1 finish, and it should be ending later in less than 6 hours from now! For the final results, I can post and Tweet it separately in my Twitter account! Just wait until 4:30 pm JST/UTC+9 for that result, if I had successfully finished it with a Tier 2-1 standing or not.

Aqours-Only Team Project: Phase Two

Let me give you some updates of mine regarding with my ongoing Team Builds project in LLSIF JP Side! Right now, I had successfully acquired new and powerful URs, in which I can use them to compose and build a new team! Please see below in the embedded Tweet of mine for some details!

Recently, I got this new Limited UR Mari from the box scouting! She is believed to be a powerful Score-type UR, and she can be used in order to top the Score Ranking charts in Events! The reason I scouted her is because I am needing her in order to complete my ongoing Aqours-only Pure Team!

Right now, as of today, she is in the team position, and I am only needing a UR Hanamaru of Pure attribute to complete it. Also, that UR Hanamaru must be of a Score-type, or any other Skill, so as long as it is not a Healer, Parameter Up, or a Perfect Lock-type! Once I have her, this team shall be completed.

The next thing after completing it in the near future is to raise up their Skill Levels, and at the same time, to open up their Skill Slots where I could place more SIS items, and some other SIS items in order to win some Special, Dream, and regular Live Sessions within the Live Show Arena.

I am going to give you these updates separately via my Twitter account! If there is something new, I shall post and Tweet it immediately right away!

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So then, we are now resting after the tough Event Points grind! What could be some of the important highlights and moments encountered in the Global Side of this game? Please read more below to find out!

Round 20 Challenge Festival: The Guilty Kiss Way! (Final)

Last weekend, and this week, it was totally action-packed! For every 1-hour of play time, I need to rest for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour! And that is, in order to do other things, such as grinding in the other branch (and also LLAS) and to recharge my devices due to low battery! Yep, and I am totally grinding with this Event with all of my playtime force.

I had totally learned something new from this Event. In fact, I am just observing and studying my progress, such as on how good am I accumulating more Event Points faster and easier. At the same time, I am quite observant with the movements of my current Event Points Ranking, whether it is decreasing or increasing drastically or gradually.

So then, if you are in a rush of accumulating more Event Points, try attacking with the Legend difficulty course. Give yourself at least 2-3 song rounds in this difficulty course. Once you had reached at the peak, where your current Event Points can’t reach the next player’s current Event Points, then that’s the time that you should go for the Ultimate difficulty course! Legend difficulty gives about 6-8k Event Points (with x4 LP usage, Event Points buff, and Cheer Points Boost at 300%) in the first three rounds, while the Ultimate difficulty course can give you a bit smaller Event Points on its first 3 rounds, ranging from 5-8k Event Points per round. The Legend difficulty course can give you at least 43k+ Event Points when you complete all of its 5 rounds, while the Ultimate difficulty course can give you a total of about 51k+Event Points! The Legend difficulty course can give you about 8-10k+ Event Points when you do Rounds 4 and 5, while the Ultimate difficulty course still prevails and it gives you about 10-20k+ Event Points when you complete Rounds 4 and 5! There are strategies where you can gain more Event Points fast without even dropping your Event Points Rank very quickly during grinding. Yep, and there are many ways to do that, and better try researching for that yourself! Call it some trade secrets!

Also, try taking advantage with the Event Points Up buffs, which were given to you by the 1-3 units shown on each round before you start the live show round! Also, take advantage with the buffs, when the three units shown got matched with their costumes, as well as with their corresponding sub-unit or school year! They can give you additional Event Points, LP recoveries, or even Player Rank EXP when you had successfully landed a Full Combo finish or keeping your Stamina full until the live show ends!

Remember to take a rest in between, if you are no longer landing Full Combo finish on some songs, especially the easier ones! If you can feel that your Event Points Rank is dropping drastically, then that’s the time for you to grind and play harder!

On the following embedded Tweets above, you can see my memorable moments in this Challenge Festival Event. You can see a song round matching with the three units current combinations! So far, I got Guilty Kiss combination with its song round, Guilty Eyes Fever. And then I got Maze Sekai as the another song round, while the combination units are of AZALEA. The final combination is of Chika and Kanan, resembling Twilight Tiger (Summer Vacation duo-trio unit) with Natsu no Owari no Amaoto ga. So far, I haven’t encountered CYaRon!, with its matching song yet, nor I had successfully landed a Full Combo finish on its song. These moments of mine are very rare, and it can only happen once in a blue moon per Challenge Festival Event!

With the Round 20 Challenge Festival Event concluded since January 13, 2021, I had finally finished it with a Tier 1-1 standing, thus making my second Tier 1-1 victory streak in the Aqours Side, in the Global Side. The only thing is that my current Event Points is quite lower than in the JP Side, which finished with a total of 5,085,860 Points.

Hanayo Koizumi Birthday Campaign

Also happening in the Global Side is the Birthday Campaign of Hanayo Koizumi! Basically, it is just the same highlight as in the JP Side today above. You can backread that part, if you want!

Please do note that this birthday campaign, and in the future birthday campaigns shall be released same day as in Japan, or in the JP Side rather. For Aqours, it shall start with You Watanabe this coming April, and the remaining birthday campaigns are still being finished (only Kanan and Hanamaru are remaining).

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For the LLSIF Tip of the Week today, here it is!

Build your strong team based on your UR’s Leader or Center Skill!

This is one of the things experienced players like me should do! You just simply build and create your team based on your UR’s Center Skill! It is a great difference if you just focus on their Score Skills and other buffs! But then, it is a good practice if you can well organize your team very carefully! And that is, in order for you to score efficiently and to be placed higher in the Score Rankings on every single Events!

Take a look at the examples below for a great team-building!

First example is this Pure Team that I am using in the JP Side! It consists only of Aqours members, and there are no duplicate members in it! Also, it consists of at least 6 Scorers, two Perfect Locks, and a Skill Level Booster! This team is somehow under development, and I am needing a Hanamaru UR of Pure attribute in order to optimize the team’s power, and its capability to score higher.
Second example is this team in my Global Side. Somehow, this team build is considered to be my favorite, since I love 2nd Years of both School Idol factions or groups. 2nd Year members, meaning that it can be either from µ’s, Aqours, or any other future groups!

You must make a habit of using these UR Center Skills so that you can make a better and strong team! Simply base her Center Skill, and put some members in it! You can also build a team consisting of Chika only, for example. Or even, try forming a sub-unit team of Guilty Kiss or Printemps! In some situations, you have to choose a member in which she was capable of scoring higher in your team! Skills like Skill Boost and Combo Fever are just your sidelines, if in case you are aiming for Full Combo, especially on Harder MASTER songs!

Remember this tip, since there are some goals or missions in which it requires you to finish a live show, consisting of only µ’s or Aqours in team without any duplicate members in them! Also, the Live Show Arena requires you to arrange your team, and it is just basically the same as mentioned!

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Don’t Miss the Next Episode!

By at the time that we were all prepared, something’s not familiar along within! We got everything in place. But then, we all forgot that something is indeed incoming, and it is not totally expected! Right now, we should overcome those odds coming into us!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the weekend, everybody! Don’t miss the next Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! See you next week and cheers!

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