Things that Come and Go

Everything has their own beginning and their end. Not all things last forever or eternity. Sometimes, they had to give up if they are no longer moving on forward. For example, if you have more dreams and ambitions to achieve, such as being a fully-pledged graphic artist, you shall have to give up your current talent in order to give way to the other talent that you are pursuing.

But then, every thing comes in its own way. For every thing that goes away from us is a new thing that comes into us. And that thing that comes into us is the new one that we shall give love and support into it. And that new one is the new successor in which it continues the legacy of the previous one that has gone away. It is a matter of passing the baton or torch from that one to the new one. And that is the rule or principle of what we call, the ‘legacy’.

It is basically the same as for School Idols who were passing their legacy down to their successors. And those successors, the new School Idols, shall be the new future, and they can continue the legacy of the previous one!

So right now, we shall continue the legacy that the legendary School Idol µ’s has started! Let us begin the 28th Episode of Inori-D Station’s blog post series segment, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!


There are a truckload of headlines encountered today. Before we head on to the Episode proper, let us read them first right now!

AZALEA First LoveLive! -Amazing Travel DNA- TRY AGAIN

Finally, the LoveLive! team has released a promo video showing AZALEA for their upcoming sub-unit live this coming February. This sub-unit live is the reboot of their failed live show last year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Will they be able to commence this live show performance again, and make it successful?

The AZALEA First LoveLive! -Amazing Travel DNA- TRY AGAIN shall be commencing this coming February 27 and 28 (weekends), 2021, at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, in Tokyo, Japan. Paid streaming has been announced (not yet announcing their streaming platform), and it shall be costing for at least 4,800 yen for one day performance and 8,640 yen for both two days. Official live goods are also up for preorders, and you can get them via your respective local licensors!

First Solo Concert Album Series: Kanan

As seen in the last Aqours livestream last Sunday evening, the fifth entry to the First Solo Concert Album series has been revealed! This time, it shall feature solo song versions of Kanan Matsuura! The subtitle of her solo album is SAKANAKANANDAKA?, and it shall be released on her birthday on February 10!

Her featured original song is Motto ne!, and the other tracks were already previewed on YouTube since after the recent Aqours livestream last Sunday!

Aqours 5th Anniversary LoveLive! -LET’S GO WONDER TRIP-

Happening also in the future is the upcoming major live performance of Aqours this coming May! The title of their major live is Aqours 5th Anniversary LoveLive! -LET’S GO WONDER TRIP-! This live performance shall be commencing on May 1 and 2, 2021, and official live goods were already up for preorders! Remember to get these official live goods via with our respective local licensors in your country or region of your residence!

Further details of this major live by Aqours shall be announced separately at their official verified Twitter account at a later date.

Nijigasaki Blu-Rays and Shuffle Fes Live Ticket Applications

Just in case if you wanna catch up with the upcoming Nijigasaki Shuffle Fes live performance this coming March, their ticket applications for the Day 1 performance are still ongoing until January 24! You can get your ticket lottery applications via with the Nijigasaki Anime Blu-Ray Volume 1 that you had just bought!

This Shuffle Fes Live by Nijigasaki High School Idol Club shall be held on March 20 and 21 (weekends), 2021, at Pia Arena MM, in Yokohama, Japan. Official live goods are also up for preorders, and can also be bought via with your respective local licensors!

LoveLive! Superstar!! Update

At the end of this month, there shall be an upcoming livestream… Not coming from either Aqours or Nijigasaki! This livestream shall be focusing more on the newest and fresh School Idols, the Liella! or the Yuigaoka Girls!

Their very first livestream shall be on January 30, 2021, at 8pm JST (UTC+9)! Catch these five girls for the very first time in their very first upcoming livestream… Live!

LoveLive! Superstar!! – Liella! Debut Single Release Event

Aside from these five girls debuting for the first time in their upcoming livestream this coming Janaury 30, they shall be also having a debut single release event! It shall be on May 6 (Thu), and it can be a form of both mass gathering event and paid streaming event! They shall talk about their first-time ever debut as School Idols in the School Idol Universe, their profiles, and their recently-released debut single!

Their debut single, entitled as ‘Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora’, shall be released this coming April 7, 2021. That’s right! It’s their very first animation PV single to be released! Look forward into that, since their official CD jacket has been revealed at their official website!

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That was quite longer than expected! At least we got an idea now what is going to happen next in the succeeding months! We are going to expect them sooner, and we should expect and look forward into them!

Putting now these aside, what are the things encountered and highlighted this time on the LLSIF JP and Global Sides last weekend and this week! Please read this Episode carefully until the end! Alright, let’s head on to the Episode proper!


This is going to be more explosive and intense ever, as more ongoing Events are present in this side! And yep, it is going to be the toughest grindfest I am about to face! Please read below to continue!

Round 3 Live Show Arena: Moo Rush! Taurus Dash

Right now, as this side Event is still ongoing, let me least give you some highlights about it!

As of January 19 today, I had completed only 22 Special Sessions in the Live Show Arena. Pretty slow, huh? That’s right, and I am currently resting my fingers for the next Event, you know?

Yep, that time, I was busy recently grinding at some ongoing Events, like in the ALL STARS Global Side. Not only that, but also I am busy with other agendas, such as other of my hobbies like bicycling, Nendoroid Doll clothes-making, and doing some other house chores! And since during that time is resting period for me, I used that time in order to finish my pending tasks, whether hobby-related or real-life-related, just before the Event period and another grindfest play begins.

Going back to the highlight. And as I had said, I only finished Special Sessions which is less than 30 this time around. I only got about less than three days left to finish it! Would I able to make it on time, and to successfully acquire the Event UR, who is Shizuku Osaka? Only me can know the answer, and it shall depend on all of my efforts and strategies to win! Good luck to me, then.

2021 Winter Recreation Campaign

Sidelining also is the Winter Recreation Campaign, which is only available and exclusive to the JP Side of LLSIF! It is also a part of their ongoing 50 Million Players Worldwide Campaign.

Be sure to login in all of the days in the date range to get all of the items given in this embedded Tweet!

Also, you shall get ‘exchange ticket’ items in which you can use them in order to exchange items! When this event period is still ongoing, tap the banner on your home screen, and it shall take you to the screen where you shall vote first for the title! There are two rounds in which you can encounter within this campaign! First round is now ongoing, and it is expected to end its duration in just few days from this Episode! Use those exchange ticket items in order to get exciting items, such as Love Gems, Scouting Tickets, and many more! And to tell you, you can get a bonus 1 Love Gem each per item exchanged!

Round 20 Companion Match: A Warm Gift

Ongoing right now is the Round 20 Companion Match! This time, it shall be on the Aqours Side now. So then, I know the rules on how to survive in these type of Events, do I? Shall I need to summarize them in the next Episode?

The Event UR to be obtained this time is You Watanabe, and the URs to be scouted are Kanan Matsuura and Hanamaru Kunikida! Use them as Yell Units to boost up your Event Points acquisition when you play in this Event! Good luck and be victorious!

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Aside from the ongoing Event which is happening right now in the JP Side, an Event is also happening in the Global Side right now! It is currently clashing with my grindfest in the JP Side! Please read below for more details about this highlight!

Icon Collection: For Everyone

The next Event shall be in the µ’s Side! This Event is an Icon Collection type Event! Basically, I haven’t recovered yet from the previous Icon Collection Event that has occurred and concluded recently in the JP Side last week.

The Event UR to be obtained is Nozomi, while the URs to be obtained by scouting are Honoka and Eli. Use these URs to get some Cheer Points boost, to help you to gain more Event Points when you play in its Event Song!

The Event Song to be used in this Icon Collection Event is Natte Shimatta!

Previously, in the JP Side, I had finished with a Tier 2-2 standing, with 404,730 pts on Total Event Points and 1,430,441 Score on the Event Score, which is Natte Shimatta! song. I don’t even think if I could go for a Tier 1 on Score Rankings this time around due to my current teams being weak. But then, I am prepared for this one. I had already completed creating my ‘ultimate weapon’, in which it was accordingly similar to my JP Side, but which is composed only of Aqours.

So then, I may not need to go for Tier 1 Event Points Rank here. But then, will I able to revenge my loss in the JP Side by landing a Tier 1 Rank on Score Rankings this time? Find out what could be the conclusion by reading the next Episode next week!

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For the LLSIF Tip of the week, here it goes! Please read below!

In Random Mode EXPERT difficulty, a song can become more harder… Or even more easier!

Usually, when you play Random Mode on every songs of EXPERT difficulty (usually on Events like Icon Collection or Challenge Festival), the formation of the beat attack notes is sometimes hard or it can make them easier to traverse or navigate!

In my experience, playing on some songs, when on Random Mode, can sometimes make them harder to traverse with. Example of some songs that becomes more difficult, when in Random Mode, are Datte Datte Aa Mujou, Paradise Live, Daydream Warrior, and the featured song which is shown on the embedded Tweet above, which is Natte Shimatta!, that turns into a Level 10 song when in Random Mode!

Of course, there are songs that becomes more easier to navigate when in Random Mode! Examples are Kinmirai Happy End (though its Level 10 is easier than its Level 9 counterpart), MIRACLE WAVE, Binetsu Kara Mystery, and notably, A song for You! You? You!!, that turns into Level 9 from its Level 10 difficulty when in Random Mode!

But then, although that they are randomized, they can still affect your team’s scoring capability and performance! So use that advantage if it happens that your team is not positioned with its members very well, and in order to achieve higher scores and to survive in the Score Rankings on every single Events!

And finally, not all songs that become Level 10 or 11, when Randomized, are very difficult to traverse! Sometimes, they are becoming more easier to navigate, even if they are just 1 level harder than its original difficulty level!

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Another Episode has to Go… Another has to Come!

And this ends the Episode for this week! I hope that you have learned something from here! Sometimes, an activity for the day must need to go and move on when finished, and another new activity shall need to take place! Basically, all things need to come and go. And in order to preserve and maintain the popularity of a series or universe, they must need to add or remove some things, or otherwise they update them. And finally, this is the concept of becoming great and legendary artists of different genres.

Thank you for reading this Episode this week! I hope that you could come back again next Friday for the another published Episode! See you next week for the another Episode edition of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Cheers and happy weekend!

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