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The World of Anime Figures

Just before Inori-D Station, or IDS in short, has started to materialize, I started in the world where Nendoroid figures are my forte that time. So then, that this where the figure photography of mine has been born. It was called, ‘IemDonz Blog’.

IemDonz Blog was my personal figure photography blog, where I put most of my Anime figure photography stuffs there. It has started as a free website since December 30, 2013. That time when I got enough ideas, I was able to post some short stories, as well as some highlights on how did I did that photograph shot. Besides being a figure photography blog, IemDonz Blog has done many off-topic posts, relating also to Anime figures, as well as some issues happening around in the Anime World.

The IemDonz is a screenname, or otherwise a nickname that I used previously on an online smartphone game that I am playing in the past. IemDonz has a sound and reads as ‘I am Donz.’


Majority of my works are purely photography shots of my favorite Anime figures, mostly Nendoroid figures by Good Smile Company. There are also other Anime figures, other than Nendoroids, in which I am using along with my figure photography works.

I had created an Instagram account, in which I put most of my figure photography shots there. From then until present, it was still active and ongoing, though I am just busy with other agendas happening today, or otherwise running out of photography ideas.

Above the embedded item shown, that was my first ever photo that was posted onto my Instagram account. And to be precise, that first photo of mine was posted last March 4, 2014!

The Changing Moments

In this part, this is where ‘IemDonz Blog’ figure photography page has changed its path, just more than being a figure photography page of mine alone. Below is the timeline where it has changed its course of history.

DECEMBER 30, 2013

  • The founding of IemDonz Blog
  • Started as a free website
  • Posted stuff like website and Photoshop editing works, and some short stories

MARCH 4, 2014

  • Started with an Instagram account posting the very first photo of an Anime figure.

MARCH 27, 2014

  • Learned on how to use photo effects, filtering, and motion blur.

APRIL 1, 2014

  • Added some watermarks to my photos, by either putting a name or a logo in it.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

  • Learned on how to put words or captions on my photos.
  • Learned on how to create Internet meme photos.

OCTOBER 21, 2014

  • Learned on how to do mix and match on Nendoroid figures that I have on stable.

NOVEMBER 20, 2014

  • Using and combining Nendoroid figures with its related merchandise and items, I create a blog post about it containing its highlights, as well as my opinions and experiences about it.

JANUARY 22, 2015

  • Learned on how to use backdrops for my future figure photography.
  • Creating tutorials by a blog post.

JANUARY 26, 2015

  • Integrating other non-Anime figures with my current Nendoroid figures, or any other Anime figures that I have on stable.

MAY 27, 2016

  • Tested with the new DSLR camera that I had acquired, and a primary photography tool used in the future Anime figure photography sessions
  • Created my very first ‘mascot’ character, by combining different Nendoroid parts, and accessories.

OCTOBER 21, 2016

  • Start of my LoveLive! fandom addiction with the first LoveLive! Nendoroid that was posted. LoveLive! fandom of mine was first started on October 2, 2016.

MARCH 4, 2019

  • Entered the World of Nendoroid Dolls
  • Learning to sew Nendoroid Doll clothes from scratch.

JUNE 7, 2019

  • An Instagram photo of my first-ever constructed Nendoroid Doll clothes has been posted.


The sub-unit of IemDonz Blog, called the D.I.V.E., was created on August 14, 2019. All of my current works relating to the construction of Nendoroid Doll clothes, as well as some photography works related to it, are posted and Tweeted on that sub-Twitter account of mine.

D.I.V.E. is an acronym for Doll Integrated Visual Excitement.


Most of the photos posted to my Instagram account are related to the LoveLive! series, as well as focusing mostly to Nendoroid Dolls. Construction relating to its clothes are likewise posted to my sub-Twitter account.

The Future Highlights

Today, IemDonz Blog is just focusing more on figure photography, rather than story-telling via a blog post, or a series of blog posts. While IDS is still not yet existing that time, most of my off-topic stuffs are posted into my figure photography blog. But then, since IDS website is already existing, most of my off-topic stuff from my free website are moved into this website. So that, in order to keep my topics well organized.

The free website of mine shall now serve as an ‘archive’ or legacy website otherwise. But then, there are memories that are left behind with that site, so I have no plans on migrating its contents directly into this website.

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading about my figure photography blog’s history and highlights! See you in the next topic! Cheers~

Inori Donz

Inori Donz is a blogger, video gamer, Anime enthusiast, bicycle rider, and Anime figure photographer. His favorite area of concentration is 'LoveLive! Series', where he plays its featured smartphone video games, as well as watching its Anime series counterparts. "I like Anime, toys and figures, and mostly, I like playing free-to-play video games. Definitely not your usual commoner you see everyday in the streets." He started his blogging journey since December 2013, with a free WordPress blog, named 'IemDonz Blog'. That free blog contains most of his Anime figure photography works, as well as some of his opinions and experiences in the Anime world.