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Perhaps, a solution to Cancelled Events

A lot more of events has been cancelled due to COVID-19. So then, what could be a possible solution so that the artists who perform live can preserve their hard-earned expertise in dancing and singing? They can’t just go into a waste without doing anything. In this article, I am going to give some opinion about this called solution, the online viewing.

Recently, as mentioned above, a lot more of events in Japan and worldwide were postponed, delayed, or cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Japan has made use of the video premiere and live feature of their streaming platforms like YouTube to stream their ‘archive’ livestreams and live concerts. But that doesn’t really mean that the fans do really enjoy watching these without watching their very latest performance.

Remember WWE when they did their ‘online viewing’ of their WrestleMania event? Basically, this is what we are going to talk about right now and it is just similar to this above. It is just a live performance, only they have no audiences who watch over them on the stage. The audiences were the viewers themselves — you!

I had searched and found this crowdfunding project in Japan where they will set up a project where they will stream live performances of the artists, idols, and bands.

The Theater Complex Project in Japan

On this note above, the Theater Complex is a project in which it gives hope to the artists in the live stage industry who were severely affected due to the COVID-19 calamity. Their crowdfunding will start on May 1, 2020.

To summarize the reason of this project made by the association in Japan, its purpose was to preserve the singing and dancing skills of the artists, bands, and idols. Though they were not actually present in the live stage in the actual venue, they will still continue to deliver enjoyment and excitement to people through this online viewing project. And at the same time, during the COVID-19 calamity, the project will protect the safety of these artists who perform live on the stage. This might be the future of the live concert performances performed by your favorite artists, bands, and idols.

For more information about this crowdfunding project, you can go to this website for more info.


The Future of Live and Delayed Viewing Events

If this project goes on live, then what will happen to the future live and delayed viewing events? Of course, there will changes and as well as limitations. There might be changes, such as no more freebies you can get from the actual events, or even you can no longer go to a farther place where this viewing event can be watched. In fact, you will just need to stay home and watch them without going outside! Of course, don’t forget to stack up some money or cash in your virtual wallet account, as this will be a requirement to watch a live performance (every one of them has)!

Ending Words

So then, they had thought up of a strategy. Just in order to preserve their hard-earned performance in singing, dancing, or playing instruments. This kind of project will bring these artists together in one stage. It is somehow that they can deliver their thoughts, expressions, and their excitement to people, but in a different method. This time, they perform on a live stage, but there are no people around them. The people around them are the viewers at home themselves — you! So then, if the LoveLive! Series team and the other artists has thought up of this idea, then we need to get ready for this whole new change to the live concert performance viewing! In fact, this can be a change of history!

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