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Almost improving!

So then, I am making my progress out with my skills in creating little clothes for the Nendoroid Dolls. For now, I am able to create some new set of clothes during the past months! Not only that, I am able to photoshoot, and to document some of my works!

Below are my Tweets coming from my sub-Twitter account, D.I.V.E. (a sub-unit of my figure photography page, IemDonz Blog).

So then I can make a difference now. From scratch, I tried to learn possible ways to sew efficiently. But then, I realized that I got a lot more way to go. So, I have to keep on working with these.

Remember that perseverance and motivation are your key ways to be successful in sewing some clothes. Also, don’t lose your patience if you can’t get it for the first time.

If you are able to buy some reference or by buying a pattern book online, then you can use it to create new clothes of your liking. You can somehow remix the patterns, thus allowing you to create a new kind of clothing! Just remember to preserve the original pattern references from the book.

That’s it for some update! Tune in next time! Cheers~

Inori Donz

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