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Cancellation Advisories from Various Teams

As the impact of the corona virus calamity continues, some of the upcoming TV Anime series, projects, and events were either delayed or cancelled. Various teams coming from various Anime universe have announced and made a decision of putting all of their projects and events on hold until this calamity is over. So then, expect all of the major events, as well as some upcoming new TV Anime series to be delayed further until notice.

Currently, some of the newer TV Anime series were being aired or streamed overseas. But then, some of them, including the upcoming ones, will likely be delayed or be cancelled due to the ongoing calamity now.

To read further, here are some announcements made by various staff and teams coming from various Anime universe.

1. LoveLive! Series (Projects and Events)

The series team and staff has announced several upcoming projects and events, just as it is being closer to celebrate its 10th Anniversary soon.

To mention above, several announcements has been made via ‘archive’ livestreams, including the Aqours’ 5th Anniversary Project, the game counterpart’s 7th Anniversary, and the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s upcoming future 2nd LoveLive! performance. Just to note, the dates shown are just tentative dates, meaning that they are subject to change due to the on-going COVID-19 calamity across the globe. Also, their announced stuff and merchandise (Audio CDs and Blu-Rays) will be affected.

And to foremention, the UNIT LIVE ADVENTURE 2020 live performance will be likely postponed, also, due to COVID-19.

To compensate for the cancellations of events, the team and staff of LoveLive! Series had done archive livestreams. In some point, sudden announcements will be shown at the end of their archive livestreams.

2. Other Anime Series (New/Seasonal)

Airing and simulcast of some Anime titles in Japan will be affected also due to the COVID-19 calamity. They were either be cancelled or be postponed (moved to a later date).

As shown above, several Anime titles, including the newer or seasonal ones, will be likely delayed or postponed. Though that several of them were already announced, some will be continued to air and stream. And that is because the team and staff has already finished making and recording voices in the TV Anime series.

3. Other International Anime Events

As shown above, some events, almost all international Anime events, will be likely cancelled due to COVID-19. They are likewise be moved to a later date, or even at the first month of the year 2021.

Ending Words

So then, a lot of Anime events and shows were either cancelled or postponed to a later date. To make up for the loss, the team and staff of various Anime universe decide to re-air, and re-stream some of their previous old shows (even other countries do air some old episodes of their own TV shows and events). Well, the crisis still continue, and it may last up to one year.

There are things that it should be put aside for the meantime while this crisis or calamity lasts longer. In fact, we have no other choice. If I can see that it is considered to be the end of times, we should then spend our moments together at the time that we have left in this world.

Inori Donz

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