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Double Hero Cross!

As for the Mega Man fans who really awaited this game, the latest installment of the Legacy Collection series by Capcom will this time surely bring fans some enjoyment. But what are the things to expect from this upcoming video game bundle?

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, or known in Japan as Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection, is Capcom’s latest legacy collection game bundle. Ever since with the original Mega Man Series, they had followed this strategy, and it was followed later by Mega Man X Series, and then this one. This upcoming release shall be available on the Sony PlayStation 4 console, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft XBOX ONE, and Steam PC platforms.

Going back to the question, what are the things to expect from this game bundle?

Six legacy game titles.

Six original games will be available for playing once it is released. The titles shall include Mega Man Zero, 2, 3, 4, Mega Man ZX, and ZX Advent. The game may be hard to play for some players, but if you had played this and well experienced, then they had no much problems for you. But for beginning players, or for players who never played the entire Zero and ZX games, this can be a new challenge to them.

This game bundle features beginner-friendly features, such as the Save Assist and the Casual Scenario Mode. Of course, the player can choose to turn these features on or off.

Casual Scenario Mode is somehow like a ‘Rookie’ mode of play. This setting will adjust playing experience, like less damage received from enemies, respawn when you fall at difficult areas within a stage, and more.

Save Assist will help you ‘Auto Save’ when you are running or progressing in the middle of your stage play!

Filtering Mode in game screens can also be adjusted in the game! You can filter out the pixels or you can play with the original pixel screen designs! Also, screen layouts can be customized as well! You can change the aspect ratio of the game, as well as changing the background wallpaper in which it was embedded along with the game’s screen!

Z Chaser

The Z Chaser is a new mode that is only exclusive in this game bundle! You can compete against other player in a split screen, or even in an online play! There are three possible modes in Z Chaser.

The first one is a single player mode, where the player challenges the CPU and challenges every rank’s record. Ranks are B, A, S, Z, and ZZ. ZZ rank can be difficult to challenge. But with right combination and timing of controls, attacks, and running, you can be one!

The second one is the split-screen mode, where you will compete against other player in a split-screen single-console mode one-on-one!

Finally, the online play will determine on how fast can you complete the stage in one play by uploading your best time on the leaderboard! Did your best time make it to the top?

Other Features

The Gallery mode allows you to view the illustrations, music, as well as some bonus features that can be found in the game bundle itself!

Here, so you had an idea now on what is this game looked like when it is released fully in public. This is a must-have for Mega Man fans!

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection shall be released on PS4, Switch, Steam PC, and XBOX ONE in February 25, 2020.

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