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Various Anime from the other worlds, dimensions, and timelines!

So, a friend of mine (sometimes my intel, or people who scout for information) has posted a sort of chain or called as the ‘bandwagon’ which tells about what are the ten Anime series that are influential, or likewise popular. This was actually originated from an another bandwagon which tells about the ten influential video games. So then, I tried joining this ‘senseless’ bandwagon and then I tried posting them daily the ten Anime series that I had in mind.

From the description, read below:

Day n/10: Ten animes that have had a great influence on me, no matter the era. One screenshot, no titles, no description.

Basically, it was originated from a bandwagon Facebook post.

So, what are the ten Anime series that I recently posted? They were all posted to my personal Facebook account recently, and I did them daily in ten days until it’s over. Okay, here are the ten Anime series in which they were influential to me. And yes, they came from various eras, dimensions, and… timelines.

1. Gate Keepers (2000)
“Ryoukai, AEGIS!”

This Anime series is based from an original PlayStation console game. This tells the story about the group of high school students with mysterious ‘gate’ powers and they fight mysterious villains called as the Invaders.

2. Kishin Douji ZENKI (1995)
“I am ZENKI.”

Came around in January 1995, it tells the story of a Demon Lord, Zenki, who was sealed away by the great Ozunu after the defeat of the Demon Goddess. He was unsealed once again by a descendant of Ozunu when a new enemy and danger has been revived for centuries once again.

3. Wedding Peach (1995)
The Legendary Love Angel of Justice!

First aired in April 1995, it tells the story of the three girls, called the Love Angels. Their mission was to protect and save humans from mysterious Devils that attempted to change and destroy the love, peace, and harmony.

4. Akazukin Chacha (1994)
“No one is going to hurt my friends!”

This was first came around in January 1994. It tells about the story of red-riding-hood magician, Chacha, who tries to improve her magic skills, though frequently failing on what item or thing to summon. She is guided with her two friends, Riiya and Shiine, and they begin their awesome adventures across the lands. The Anime series was divided into two parts, one in which was originally a TV Anime, and the other was based loosely from its Manga counterpart.

5. Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger (1995)
The Twelve Warriors based from the Chinese Zodiac

This Anime series first appeared in April 1995. It tells the story of the twelve Eto Rangers, led by Bakumaru, and their mission was to mend the Novel Worlds caused by the Jarei Monsters who altered them. The fate of Mugen is in the hands of these twelve warriors.

6. Flame of Recca (1997)
The Flame never dies.

First came around in 1997, this story is about a boy who someday wants to be a ninja. He also has the power to manipulate and control fire and flames. His opponents, who later become his friends, possess ‘madogus’ to fight. Knowing that they have an enemy in common, they finally joined forces and they joined the Ura Butou Satsujin tournament, in their mission to win it and to stop the villain to achieve his evil plan.

7. Lucky Star (2007)
Selfie time!

Originally, a four-panel Manga, this Anime series came around year 2007. The story features the slice-of-life, and satire genre, in which this series has no plot at all, and it focuses on the daily lives of the girls (Much like the famous Filipino comic, Pugad Baboy).

8. Digimon Xros Wars (2010)
Time-Travelling Digimon Hunters.

Currently known as Digimon Fusion in English-speaking countries, this Anime series first appeared in year 2010. It follows the story of a boy who accidentally warped into the Digital World with his friends, following with his adventures with Shoutmon, and his allied Digimons in their quest to remake the Digital World, and to stop the Bagra Empire to further exploit it.

The series was divided into three major arcs. The first one is the original under its series title (31 episodes). The second is the Evil Death Generals arc (24 episodes), and the last one is the Digimon Hunters arc (24 episodes). The series had run for at least 79 episodes in whole for at least two years.

9. Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation (2013)
The World of Gamindustri

Based loosely from the video games of various platforms (PS3, PS4, PC, etc.), this Anime came around in year 2013. It tells the story of the four console goddesses who rule over the Gamindustri. Knowing that an unknown evil or danger awaits them, these four united as one to defend and save Gamindustri once more.

10. LoveLive! Sunshine!! (2016)
Memories in a picture frame.

One of the top-grossing Anime series in Japan, this came around in year 2016 as a second-generation LoveLive! Series. The story follows the flagship school idol group of the second-generation LoveLive! series, Aqours, and their goal was to aim for the LoveLive!, as well as to win it!

Summary and Closing

There are ten Anime series in which are popular, yet they had become so influential to me:

  1. Gate Keepers
  2. Kishin Douji ZENKI
  3. Wedding Peach
  4. Akazukin Chacha
  5. Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger
  6. Flame of Recca
  7. Lucky Star
  8. Digimon Xros Wars
  9. Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation
  10. LoveLive! Sunshine!!

There are other Anime series out there in the past which were also influential to me, though I did not manage to include them in the top ten. Majority of them were from the 90s era when I was a kid.

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