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Power-hoarding with Merch.

Ever since after entering the LoveLive! Universe, I began hoarding with merchandise. From key straps, accessories, apparels, up to the actual item memorabilia and exclusives, people tend to spend their hard-earned money.

So basically, people who hoard for merchs are actually die-hard fans of the series they love. Particularly, they buy and collect merchs of their favorite Anime crush (or in the term waifu or husbando). They can be regular or exclusive depending on the character or item. Obviously, it was more expensive if that item was exclusive otherwise.

People should be also aware of the item’s authentic quality. If it was a bootleg or counterfeit, just throw it away (or give it to someone)! Sometimes, research on some products or items is required, as well as their current prices being posted if it is low or very expensive.

Anime merchandise tend to increase their price slightly on the market. They shall become more expensive if that item was very rare or very difficult to find, even if you go to Japan.

My entire Chika Takami (LoveLive! Sunshine!!) merchandise. This include the key chains and pins attached to my bag, a clear birthday poster, two Nesoberi plushies, and two shirts.

So going back, how about people who hoard merchies for their lovely Anime waifu? The answer was very simple. They were die-hards and they shall do anything to satisfy themselves. For my case, I simply buy merchandise for my favorite Anime waifu, but not too much. I only buy the essential ones in which I can use it for my everyday activities, as well if I have some meetups. If that merch, like key chains or can badges, looked cheap and affordable, then I go and buy! However, I pass on some other cheap merch if they were somehow repeating in quality, but different in design. For the expensive and exclusive ones, I only buy if I really needed it. Also, it will depend on the amount of funds available in my wallet, as well as how long I can save for a certain period of time. If that merch looks exclusive and expensive, but did not meet my certain requirements, then I shall pass. Same if I don’t have enough funds reserved in my wallet.

I know that hoarding these kind of merchandise can be a waste of money and effort. It is not about having power or boasting yourself, but it is about showing your love and support for your favorite Anime character and the series itself. Sometimes, people must not rely on the luxurious items or merch that they have, since one day, they shall sell them once they were enough. And then, people shall sell their old merch of their favorite Anime character for money, in which they can use them to buy another set of merchandise, this time, for their new favorite! I don’t know, but time really passes, and sometimes you must really need to move on.

I can be a merchandise hunter for my favorite Anime character. But then, the reason I don’t hoard too much merch was because time will always pass. As I had said before, time shall come and these merch of mine shall disappear like bubble, or even it was like storing them inside a treasure box and burying it down in the ground.

Inori Donz

Inori Donz is a blogger, video gamer, Anime enthusiast, bicycle rider, and Anime figure photographer. His favorite area of concentration is 'LoveLive! Series', where he plays its featured smartphone video games, as well as watching its Anime series counterparts. "I like Anime, toys and figures, and mostly, I like playing free-to-play video games. Definitely not your usual commoner you see everyday in the streets." He started his blogging journey since December 2013, with a free WordPress blog, named 'IemDonz Blog'. That free blog contains most of his Anime figure photography works, as well as some of his opinions and experiences in the Anime world.