Classic Console Gaming All Over Again!

I can still remember the days when I play the PlayStation One console at home. In this post, I am going to talk about the 10 classic games in which I had played, but never forgotten ever since. I am able to play them once in while, but by means of using an emulator software for both PC and Android systems. Here are the following 10 classic PlayStation One games below that I played in the past.

This is the screenshot of the Gran Turismo (PSX) game.
1. Gran Turismo Series (1 and 2)

Asking a question. What was my first PlayStation One game ever played? Answer is Gran Turismo, the original and the first one. Gran Turismo is more of a sports car simulation, or even a racing. This game is some addicting in the past, since everytime you think about customization, like the tuning, car and body modifications, etc., you can’t stop until you have achieved the output of what your imagination had told you. I had also used to play with my bro with our cars modified, and we race in one track!

Also, Gran Turismo 2 came in place. The driving control experience were almost the same as the first one, only with the additions of new cars and different brands/manufacturers, as well as new race tracks and modes (the dirt rally course).

Start you engines! Fasten your seat belts!
2. Crash Bandicoot Series: Crash Team Racing

Who is a Batang 90s gamer without playing this one? Crash Team Racing is one of my memorable games in PlayStation One console to play. I can still remember playing this with my friends and relatives, since all you just need to do was to race through the tracks, and then stopping them with whatever weapons you have! Also, you can run through hidden shortcuts to outrun them!

There is also an HD remaster of this game, so better have a time to check it out to know the difference!

A role-play talk.
3. Legend of Legaia

As usual, I always have this game on any emulator that I have, whether on my old PSP, Android, or PC. Legend of Legaia is one of my best RPGs I ever played, since not only the storyline has built my inspiration (for making some unpublished fictional novel that I have), but also the gameplay, the Arts system, has made me moved a bit. I can remember that I can overkill a weak enemy by using the Miracle Arts move to inflict thousands of damage points!