Nihonjin no Nisemono ka?

Weeaboo is a term for people who were obsessed in Anime World, as well as its cultures. More often, weeaboo is a combination of Japanophile (obsessed with Japan culture and stuff) and Otaku (obsessed with Anime, J-Pop, and other video games, as long as it is Japan-imported).

So what are some hints or clues you can find and see in a typical weeaboo (That almost includes me)? I am not gonna reveal them all, but I am gonna reveal the 10 most common clues or hints that are considered as signs that they have. Here it goes!

1. The Anime Maniac
Himouto! Umaru-chan

Your first clue or hint to look for someone who is considered to be a weeaboo is that he or she is frequently watching some latest weekly Anime, including the recent ones or the ones that are already finished airing in Japan. This does not include some Anime which were mainstream or common (i.e. One Piece or Dragon Ball). Some of the Anime series which were being watched are the Anime shows that have a short run, or having some separate seasons (or Anime series that are 12-26 episodes long).

Usually, weeaboos tend to watch some Anime if they have to. depending on its themes and some fan service. Yes, they do drop it if they were not satisfied with the first episode. Or even, at the middle of the series, the Anime becomes boring. And they tend to drop it, too.

Actually, this is a common sign, but I believe that not all weeaboos can watch all Anime shows in one season (Actually, there are some who can watch them all!). This is just a hint or clue that you can identify whether that person that you are looking at is actually a weeaboo or not. Not a sign, but just a hint or clue, remember.

LAST SENTENCE: The only way to identify a person who is a weeaboo or not is the selection or the line-up of Anime shows that he or she is watching!

2. Armor Time!
Armor and Merchandise! Hell yea.

Another hint or clue that you can identify on someone, whether he or she is a weeaboo, is the clothes or gear that he or she is wearing. Simple, right? Yes, they were dressing up with graphic t-shirts of their favorite Anime crush and they walk around. Usually, they wear it on local Anime conventions. But how about in some common days like work or school?

See this graphic t-shirt above? Basically, it is one of them that I own in the wardrobe at home.

As you can see above, you can see something like this below.

Aqours in their group shot promoting the graphic tees!

When fans find out that their favorite VA (Seiyuu in Japanese dub) has worn some common item, or even a t-shirt, gear, or bag, they tend to be like that with the VA. Yes, and they gonna buy that same item, or gear, that the VA is using or wearing. See? Now that you can have an idea if that person is really a weeaboo. Hell yea.

3. Language-desu!
Watch the words you pull, big guy.

In my experience myself, I am frequently uttering common Japanese words out from my mouth. In a random situation, or even if I am playing or browsing, I can’t avoid of not speaking these common Japanese words that I am hearing from some TV Anime or music that I am watching, seeing, or hearing everyday.

You can tell if a person is a weeaboo is that he or she is commonly using Japanese words or phrases at their sentences. Usage of the common words, like ‘desu’ or even ‘kawaii’, can give you some hint or clue if that person is really a weeaboo. Not only those common words, but sometimes people try to cross some words to have a new meaning, or even a new word out of those combinations! Examples are the ‘sumima-sorry’, and ‘yametekudastop’.

Well, it’s very common and I understand that (I experienced that, too). Someone who didn’t learn Japanese language in the first place (It includes me!), can able to speak. But not, if you were going to talk in Japanese one-on-one (Yep, I am nervous to that). Well, definitely a revealing hint or clue, for me…

4. Anisong and J-Pop Playlist
What is in your playlist, chump?

Another hint or clue if that person that you are looking at is a weeaboo is the lineup or playlist of music he or she is currently listening. This one can be a difficult identification since it can violate some privacy of that person by just looking at his or her device containing the music. Or even, it is very difficult to look at since he or she just press the next button and then closes the device. You can look at his or her device secretly from the distance, and I hope that your eyesight is still sharp. Of course, do not tell him or her that you said “Hey, you are listening to Anisong and J-Pop!” which will make them be feeling embarrassed or shy.

Also, do not make them angry saying that their playlist is trash. Otherwise, your playlist shall be called also trash if you do!

5. Anime Character as Profile Picture
A fan art of myself.

This hint or clue is easy. You can determine if that person in every social networking services (SNS) you see is a weeaboo after all — by looking at his or her profile picture! Anime profile picture has its variations. It can be an art, a screenshot from a TV Anime, or even an Anime figure that you own! For my case, I can equip my profile picture with any favorite Anime character that I like, but instead, I just embed them along with my actual profile picture (Facebook has an ‘add frame to profile picture’ feature). For arts, it can be a customized avatar, or even a fan art of myself (It was done by an awesome indie artist, yay!).


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