10. Twisted Metal Series: 3 and 4
Twisted Metal 3.
Twisted Metal 4.

Both games are also memorable to me. I can still remember playing this game with my friends and relatives. Yep, I can do many tricks in this game, such as unlocking hidden shortcuts or secret rooms, or even doing the teleport (hyperspace) trick in Twisted Metal 4.

Aside from just a game, the soundtrack used was in the game disc itself! Simply put the disc in to your PS One console, or to an audio CD/DVD drive! You can listen to some songs made by Rob Zombie, Pitchshifter, and many more!

Summary and Ending

The following PlayStation One console video games has made my gaming experience memorable, and they are the following:

  1. Gran Turismo (1 and 2)
  2. Crash Team Racing
  3. Legend of Legaia
  4. Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
  5. Mega Man X Series (X4, X5, and X6)
  6. G-Darius
  7. Mega Man Legends
  8. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
  9. Ridge Racer Type 4
  10. Twisted Metal Series: 3 and 4

There are other awesome games out there in which I never mentioned here, but somehow it has kept into my memories forever. So far, we have difference in taste and favoritism in video games. At least, you got an idea now which types of video games in which I liked most to play.


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