Rescuing someone from a dog with rabies…
7. Mega Man Legends (Rockman DASH)

Still a memorable, yet a difficult game to finish! Featuring this character from the popular Rockman / Mega Man series, it is a 3D action-shooter game. You will fight various robotic enemies, as well as having showdown battle between you and the Bonne Family! There are also mini-games to play, such as using your buster to pop-out balloons, or even racing through slaloms using your Jet Skates!

Home screen of the game.
8. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (part of Rockman DASH series)

Rather than part of the series, but a prequel. This game was the one that I repeatedly playing until I totally mastered it. So far, it was easy to play than Mega Man Legends after all. You can setup your own team of Servbots to take down some group of enemies! Aside from being an action game, the genre of this was somehow mixed or called as ‘action-variety’ game. You can play RPG-type, puzzle-type, or even action-type, the default mode!

Hey, it’s a new record! Okay, it’s the Final Lap, keep it cool!
9. Ridge Racer Type 4

Take note that this game was also included as a free game in the recently released PlayStation Classic console.

Ridge Racer Type 4, or simply I call this as R4, is considered memorable for me, too. Of course, not only the usual cars that you usually encounter in any typical racing games, but also you will encounter special machines there, such as the racing rocket Utopia, or even the micro-machine Ecureuil.


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