Heroes don’t die. They just respawn, lol
4. Wild Arms 2nd Ignition

Of all RPGs that I had previously played, Wild Arms 2 is the best. It is just like watching an Anime series while you play it. This was also the game that I used to replay it repeatedly because I want to explore more of its features and gameplay, such as hidden items and skills, and also the takedown of the ‘optional’ powerful bosses. Of course, the cinematic opening and ending videos were Anime-styled and it produces a dramatic plot!

X battling Sigma.
5. Mega Man X (Rockman X) Series: X4, X5, and X6

Mega Man X4: For this game, it requires some considerable skills to master the art of jumping, dodging bullets and attacks, and also accuracy and tenacity of movements. Considered as difficult if you aren’t familiar with the tactics of the boss movements and attacks. It is better to memorize and predict their movements every time you die and respawn.

Mega Man X5: Depending on how fast you clear the stage, you will be given a Hunter Rank (B to SA, and so on). Higher Ranks allows you to have access to some parts to equip with your character. Like X4, you shall need some considerable skills to master the art of beating the bosses without even dying.

Mega Man X6: The last game in the PlayStation One port is considered to be the challenging one. X6 is still a very difficult game that not many people can finish. Considering the attack patterns made by the bosses in the game, this game is considered to be the hardest one to navigate. Press the SELECT button if you see an exclamation mark (“!”) that appears at the lower right of the screen as you play through the stage to see some messages.

For some little info, they were included as a bundle for the latest Legacy Collection (Anniversary Collection) of the game.

A scrolling-shooter game that is you versus the cyborg fishes, known as the Thiima.
6. G-Darius

Aside from being an Arcade, and a PlayStation One game, this was also ported on the PC system. Yep, this was one of the video games that I still remembered in my mind. There is one time that I used to overkill and destroy a boss by using the full-powered blue beam.


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