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A con-goer, that is.

In the present, I used going to the local Anime conventions. It shall depend on the venue, as well as some events featured. Today, I rarely go to conventions, not only because of my access to the venue (commuting alone and transportation), but the recent price-surging of that venue used. In my opinion and experience post, these issues shall be tackled and discussed.

Last year 2010, I began attending these local Anime conventions in my country with my big sister. It all started because my big sis was also attending these because her friends invited her. I decided to experience this feeling, and I decided to attend some yearly (or quarterly) local Anime conventions. I also started as taking photos of myself next to some people who do Cosplay, whether amateur or professional. Ever since then, I began becoming active in attending these kind of events. It can be either I heard them from my friends, or even looking at some of them from Facebook.

There are things that I enjoy most when I attend these local Anime conventions in my country.

Figures Galore!

Yes, talking about figures and toys, they are my hobby and passion. Nendoroid figures were the figure line that I am well focused because they were so cute to display. For other figures, well… It’s just minimal or none. Oh, and I had handled a scale figure before, but that’s in the past!

Take note that I volunteered displaying my Nendoroid figures on a figure display before on a last Anime convention that I attended (that was a long time ago).

Also, I took this event as an advantage to buy some figures which were not seen when I go to malls, or to the toys and figures shop that I usually went. In addition, they may have some promos there, like discount!

Art Commission Booths

Well, there are booths out there that they take art commissions, whether original or the cover one. Once or twice in a while, I decided to render myself. An indie artist that I had known has made art commission of myself. Finally, an Anime version of me has surfaced! For once, I had used that art as my Facebook account’s profile picture.

Not only did I request art commission of myself, but I also requested some indie artists to do fan arts of some Anime characters that I know previously.

Cosplay Photography

As I had said before, I took pictures of myself with people who do Cosplay. In the past, there are people who were with me when I attend conventions, since I can use them as photographers whenever I wanted to take pictures with people doing Cosplay.

As of now, I am no longer doing this. Sometimes, but not too often, I do Cosplay photography. In my recent event attendance, what I did was taking good photos of some people who do Cosplay, such as a guy who wear some weeaboo armor of their favorite Anime waifu, or even people who Cosplay their favorite Anime character.

Other Booths or Services

What is this thing? I am talking about here the booths which serve people some service, such as food, or even taking photos of themselves with their favorite maid or butler. One example here is a certain maid and butler cafe. That was in the past, and I know that if I have money and enough time, I sometimes go visit in that booth. In the future Anime conventions that I recently attended, I can no longer visit some booths like this. It was either I don’t have enough time, or I don’t really want to enter or visit. Because of my recent hobbies that I have passion with in the present, sometimes, I can’t shell out more money because not all the time, I spend them with all of everything. Well, you know, I got issues with budget, so I do not intend to impulse-buy or spend.

Observation: Other Issues

There are some issues in which I heard of from my friends, social media, as well as other rumours.

1. Public Harassment

I had seen posts from social media in which some people or people who do cute Cosplay are being harassed online by other people or strangers. These sexual exploits would cause someone who do Cosplay to be harassed and he/she begins to post some rant or complaints online.

One example of this sexual harassment was someone was being touched by somebody in her private parts. Sorry, there is no picture for you to present (the best thing was to search it for yourself).

2. Ticket Price Surge

Another issue in which I am hearing now was the increase or the surge of the price of tickets. In my experience, the convention tickets were once cheap, but in the present, it appears that they become more expensive. Not only because of the royalties, like the guest artists and bands, but because of the recent fluctuation of the prices of goods in our country.

3. Art Theft via Printed Materials

In a previous Anime convention in the past, there is an issue where a certain group has mindlessly stole a certain art from the artist who made the art, and then they put that art into an auction. What happened was that the artist was finally alarmed and tried contacting the staff who put his/her art into an auction. Finally the organizers apologized. However, several social media rants and complaints were burning like bonfire, thus the image of that Anime convention event was plagued by several controversies and issues.

4. Community Control

In this issue, I am referring to people who were bystanding outside of the local Anime conventions in my country or place. The bystanding area is more crowded that the convention itself. Why do they bystand? Because that time, the ticket was expensive and unaffordable for an average con-goer. The tendency was that they chose to bystand outside, or in the term as the hashtag Team Labas. Several other issues, such as occupying the ground floor foodcourt, in which it was made as a bystand zone for con-goers, and to people who were setting up their Cosplay plan.

5. Uncategorized (Others)

There are other issues in which doesn’t fit on the above four mentioned. Other issues, such as the management issues in the local Anime convention or event, are there.

One example is the recently concluded event that was held somewhere in Manila, Philippines. After the event, several rants and complaints were burning like bonfire in the social media. I already know what happened, but I am not going to mention it here to prevent further flaming.

My Future Con-going

Because of the several local Anime conventions that spawn left and right, and have different venues, my interest in attending them was somehow weakening and fading. Not only because of the fluctuating prices of the convention tickets, but also I begin to lose interest because I am sometimes busy doing with other hobbies. Sometimes, I can go, but not too often. Maybe I can attend once per three months in a row? It depends on the contents of the convention.

Summary and Conclusion

There are things that I enjoy most when I attend these local Anime conventions in my country. There are: Anime figures that I like, art commissions, Cosplay photography, and other booths that I like to explore, like the maid and butler cafe. I know there are still more, but these are the only things that I had experienced, for now.

Because of the recent issues happening during and after the events in local Anime conventions, my interest in them was weakening or fading. Issues, like the community control, art theft, harassment, and the issue which is ongoing, the price surge of the convention tickets.

The End

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading! Cheers~ <3

Updated since September 16, 2022. Original contents and text were retained, with some slight changes with the formatting of headers.

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