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Today’s featured character is… Laios!

Character Info
NameLaios Touden
SeriesDelicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)
Hair ColorUnknown (RGB: #d5c39f)
VoiceKentaro Kumagai
Full Info

Laios is a Tall-man Knight who takes adventures inside the dungeon, along with his current party members. He wears a silver knight armor, in which it was really his primary outfit as an adventurer.

Laios survives in the dungeon, while eating some monsters that he has defeated and slain, and is also studying their edibility at the same time. Along with Senshi and others, Laios is travelling inside the deeper dungeon, on his quest to find Falin, and as well as to find and exterminate the Mad Mage.

Talking about survival… A knight who fights and eats monsters in order to survive — that’s Laios! He’s a great character who tries to utilize everything from the deeper dungeon. Whatever he finds, he just use or eat them. And that is what he meant on how to survive when their usual food and supplies have run out. So then, he ain’t just a knight who slays dragons along the way.

Inori Donz

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