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The Lover of All

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Overview (Story)
“Now, let our very last date begin.”

Shido was inside Mio’s memories to encounter her for one last time. And so, they finally faced Isaac for the last battle.

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Review time! So, it’s the last of them!

The Episode begins with an opening song straight ahead, instead of beginning it going straight to the Episode proper (usual in some other Anime shows at their final Episodes).

Somehow, it gave me a bit of comedy factor here, when Shido talks to Mio, talking about stealing her away from Shinji, his other counterpart. Basically, when everything gets serious, there’s a bit comedy coming by to break out the mood. Also, when Nia giving out the “Pikachu, I choose you!” vibes here.

Mio is embarrassed!

And so, all of the Spirits have assembled here — something like “avengers assemble” vibe here. Of course, all of them might survive, with someone from them will die in the end. That’s the plot here!

Isaac Westcott is giving out his last blow.

With regards to the overall plot, maybe it looked rushed for me, but okay on my part. So then, it might be questionable for me on how it ended like… What the heck has happened, and how did the main villain got wiped out an instant by the Spirit girls and Shido?

And so, Kurumi just disappeared from the spotlight of being the besto gal — Tohka finally took over!

And so, what happens afterward, while retaining their Sephira crystals? Yep, and the ending is quite questionable. Who knows that there might be an another sequel, perhaps? Maybe, that’s possible.

Overall, this Episode is average, for me, as an ending or season finale (Or series finale perhaps). Yep, it is because of the possible plot hole that would even make this series to have a possible sequel. Who knows that might? But then, this final Episode is good to the ending, with some questionable element on who’s the girl that Shido ended up with?

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Questionable ending. It is because of a possible plot hole that would even make an another sequel.
Animation: (4/5) – Animation parts can be too bright. But overall, it’s good.
Insights: (2/5) – I did not get enough insights for the final Episode. But the thing is… No new creation is done without destruction.

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Series Info
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This Anime series can be watched on the following platforms:

  • Crunchyroll (US/Worldwide, except Asia)
  • MUSE Asia YouTube Channel (South East Asia)

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