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The Second Offensive

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Overview (Story)
The Three Siblings Have Assembled!

Shido and Reine are in a beach, while wrapping up their today’s date, and Shido kissed her. The DEM forces have arrived, and they are aftering for Shido again.

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Review time! It’s the alternative future!

That’s right. Shido did already his best to prevent Mio from existing, but failed in the end. So then, the result is that the battle is still on — against with Mio and the DEM, and its mastermind, Isaac.

So this is what it means the “alternative future”, where the time is flowing, but there will be some alterations along the way when it progresses to the other “future”. There will be thousand possibilities for the future. But one out of the thousand, there should be only one way to put things into resolve — one might be requiring a life sacrifice.

It’s Kurumi’s plan to reverse her time after luring Mio out.

I am really not used into this time manipulation plot, where I would be just only confused, if I ain’t paying attention. So then, I know now the reason why Kurumi used her skill in order to rollback herself into an another point of time in the past.

Mio and Reine are just one here. So then, Reine’s affection just fall off, when she knows already Shido’s plan to seal her. This is what I call some twist here, and I am hella surprised!

And for the first time here, the Itsuka siblings here have reunited for a battle in which they can never forget, and I am somehow impressed on that scene, too! But hey, isn’t Mana, whose last name is Takamiya, after all? Quite confused with Shido being named as Shin Takamiya, too. Kotori is really the one who’s different here (Noted the animation frame being too bright).

Origami to the rescue!

My thoughts in this Episode is quite good, especially when they were reunited once again in order to fix the course of history. But then, will this “new future” will eventually stop Mio from conquering the world completely, so does as Isaac? Who knows that what are the possibilities out there? But then, there should be only one ending that will never disappoint me when this series is almost on a climax.

Overall, this Episode is good to judge. But then, the parts of this Episode might be seemed too bright for me, especially when they are already donned at their Spirit forms.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Plot progression is slow this time. From Shido and Reine’s date, it finally transitioned into an another battlefield that will never take my eyes away from the screen.
Animation: (3/5) – Animation is average. Because there are parts that are seemed too bright, or the scene is just too excessive in exposure and brightness.
Insights: (3/5) – Plan B, as usual, when your plans have failed. It is better to be immediate in executing plans, so that in order to somehow resolve the conflicts. Otherwise, it’s a mission failed, when nothing has worked.

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Series Info
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