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How It All Discovered

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Overview (Story)
Senshi’s past has been unfold!

Senshi told Laios and the party about his young past who had went through the ruins, in which it was actually a dungeon. At a certain time of their departure, they got sick, got asleep, and ended up with their bodies interswapped at each other.

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Review time! Ah, Delicious in Dungeon.

Basically, I had noticed that the main plot of their story in finding Falin has been diverted once again with some unnecessary story and plots. And so, I had been diverted once again with some new, unusual plot which is somehow related, but bit boring.

And finally, Senshi got his backstory explained at the beginning of this Episode, wherein he is used to be a dwarf man who works on a miner team or explorers. What a sad story when Senshi got to taste some food, in which it was different from the ones that he has eaten before. And this is where he has learned on how to eat some “monster” food, especially when he is already trapped inside the dungeon. Also, this is where he has this trauma against with the Griffin.

About 60% of the Episode is basically highlighted with Senshi, while the rest is leading up to where it is ending up with some strange conflicts again. Oh, and I mean the more this Anime series is almost ending with its current season, the more it gets boring and dull. In terms of plot, it is hilariously going from up to falling down.

Laios is really hitting something here… Lol

And so, they had skipped playing the ending song this time around (Noticed it when I read opening credits texts there). So, this Episode ended up like nothing happened.

Of course, something happened here, where Laios and his party swapped their body shapes at each other. I wondered on what’s gonna happen next, and yet I think this Anime series is almost coming to its climax really soon (I think so).

My thoughts on this Episode is really making me lose patience again. So then, they were diverted again from finding Falin again (They have to find that Winged Lion that they mentioned). And so, I just need to find out also, on what is really happening with Delicious in Dungeon, in which it has its stories bit diverting from the main plot.

Overall, this Episode means a bad for me, even if I had acquired some insights along with it. So then, a few more Episodes left, and I hope that it won’t make me disappointed and lose patience.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Story is bad to average, wherein I am totally diverted from the main plot. What was their main plot again?
Animation: (3/5) – Basically, average. Yep, just average.
Insights: (3/5) – Whenever we had our abilities swapped, just remember that you is still you. We can have our parameters be changed, but the spirit of us who are controlling it is still the same.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) - Part 2 Visual

This Anime series can be watched on Netflix.

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