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Days of the Distant Past

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“I will never let you go again.”

The story shifted into an unknown past memory, where Shinji Takamiya meets a mysterious white-haired girl, named as Mio, whose memories are missing.

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Review time! Let’s see what I had observed, so far…

This Episode is basically separated from the main plot, where it actually explains on how did the existence of Spirits had begun. I haven’t read the light novel, but it really shows there on how did Shinji met with a girl with missing memories. Does it really explain that DEM is really the true villain here, while the Spirits are the neutral creatures here? Now that I had found on who’s really the villain here.

For the characters, especially Mio, she’s so cute and calm. I can’t really tell by just appearance. She is just really not too young (loli) nor too old for me. In other words, she is a girl who is between young and old. And at the same time, she is brave and determined.

Shinji Takamiya is really Shido Itsuka here, and explains why Reine is always calling him as “Shin”.

My thoughts in this Episode is really good, and the plot that explains on how did the Spirit of Origin really exist is amazing. So far, the Episode where I found it complete by just watching, though the ending denouement is bit sad and tragic. And for the insights, I think I have learned that we should cherish the moments and memories that we have on our friends or someone that we love. Who knows that it might never happen again in the future, perhaps?

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Episode that explains a certain past or memory without any parts is considered complete, for me.
Animation: (4/5) – Animation is good! Blood animation is pretty flat for a 2D, but that’s okay.
Insights: (4/5) – Like I said, we should cherish the moments and memories that we have on our friends or someone that we love. Who knows that it might never happen again in the future?

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Series Info
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  • MUSE Asia YouTube Channel [South East Asia]

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