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Crossroads of Defeat

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Overview (Story)
“We can’t continue exploring, and someone’s gonna die.”

After they had defeated the Red Dragon, as well as celebrated and feasted at their victory, Falin went missing. A certain elf mage has appeared when Laios was searching for Falin. And so, the rest of the party was put into conflict again when they encountered this mad elf mage for the first time.

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Review time. No dungeon food feasting this time.

So then, the previous Episode was actually almost the end of the part one of this Anime. And in this Episode, it’s the cour finale! Of course, the next one would be the part two!

Going to the review, it seems that Falin will become a villain here — a part of her character development! That’s why I had been seeing her in the opening animation there naked, and that’s actually a foresighting! I wondered on what’s gonna happen to Falin soon, especially when she is already at the hands of the new arc villain — that mad elf mage!

Chilchuck has gained his new character insight and development here, since he was almost at the spotlight of this Episode, wherein Laios and others are settling down. It is a fact that Chilchuck really unleashed his true feelings here, especially when he is talking to Laios and Senshi like that. He can be a coward. But he can be smart when to retreat from a battle or a mission, which is quite impossible anymore to continue when their adventure supplies had been used up. Good move for Chilchuck, since he doesn’t want more of his allies to be expended in battle.

Other funny scenes here, which would involve the orcs, had made me laugh a bit. Especially when both Laios and Marcille’s eyes turned white and blank after that potion-drinking technique set by that female orc.

My thoughts in this Episode is that it is somehow a “mid-intermission”. It is because, this Episode is serving as a “prologue” leading to the new story of this Anime. And now, Laios’ party has faced a new arc villain, in which it could allow this Anime show to extend further for an another season or arc/cour.

So then, I am expecting more from this Anime, aside from the fact that they had eaten a lot of food and meat out from the dungeon that they had explored. But then, will this be applied to the new arc that I am expecting soon?

Overall, this Episode is good for a mid-intermission. It makes me excited to see Laios’ party to rise up again from the bottom, after their horrible defeat, and as well as losing Falin again from their stable. What’s gonna happen soon when they had retreated temporarily from their current exploration? Sometimes, we just retreat whenever we are low on energy or motivation to fight.

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Story pacing is just right, showing on what has happened. Basically, it acts as a mid-intermission Episode, where it is actually leading to a new story arc, featuring a new villain and other characters as well.
Animation: (4/5) – Lots of red and blood going on in this Episode. Especially when Marcille goes on her frenzied state.
Insights: (4/5) – Just like Chilchuck, retreating is the best option, whenever we are low on energy or supplies. Sometimes, it is better to retreat, rather than risking yourself to lose everything, which include your friends, or your own life. Sometimes, not all the times we can put everything else on the line in order to resolve our own conflicts.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)

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