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Overview (Story)
Time for a job-change quest.

Sung Jinwoo received a notification that his requirements for a job-change quest has been fulfilled. A portal has opened. The only thing is that he isn’t allowed to use any healing skills nor items for this quest. What awaited him in the depths of the dungeon is…

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Review time! My eyes can’t really take off from this one!

In adventure RPGs, job-change quest is really one of the notorious things to do. Of course, you will have to do some necessary requirements, such as item requirements, parameter or level requirements, or other equivalent. Once you had accomplished these requirements, you are eligible for a job-change quest. This is really important because you will become stronger than just being a regular hunter — or a novice hunter, somehow.

The action scenes here are so eye-popping, making me never let my eyes go off from the screen! And in order to make things exciting, there are convo cuts, which would come in between the action scenes! Now, that’s perfect!

It’s exciting to see Sung in action, thus following the usual “Shonen fight” scene formula, where the severely wounded protagonist will always win, and the villain will always say, “How did you…?” — something like that!

Overall, yeah. This Episode is very good.

My Rating: BEST (4.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – Story is very good. To make it more balanced, the random convos are added in between the action scenes.
Animation: (5/5) – Animation is great also! Like I said earlier, my eyes won’t go out from the action scenes.
Insights: (4/5) – My insights is that whenever you are ready to challenge yourself into a new level of difficulty, just go for it. If not, then there’s always a time for you to think for your strategy first before going in. Otherwise, disappointment would be a blessing if you fail. But then, there’s always a next time to try again when you fail, but quitting can never allow you to try again.

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Solo Leveling
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