EPISODE 32: Memory Maze Series ~The Unlucky Sho~

Aika has successfully escaped from the Memory Maze, which was created by the Digitariel when Chiharu used it. Aika finally realized on who really she was, and she was awakened to reality. So then, she is really ready to face the Black Lace Ribbons again in the present time, along with her allies — the Idol Chasers!

But then, the others seemed to be not yet escaping from the Memory Maze. Let’s check out on Sho this time!

This is the second part of the Memory Maze Series!

Sho found himself awakened into a mysterious, glittering space. He felt that he is like floating on a moon.

“Where am I?” he asked. “I never thought that I am separated from my friends!”

As he was continuing to float on the endless space, someone called his name.

“That voice… Ah, Yoh—“

He then saw that School Idol at the front of him. However, her body and appearance are quite mixed and distorted, making him not recognize her.

“Distorted? What’s this? An AI Art version of her?”

And then, more of them has appeared in front of him. They soon get closer at him, calling his name repeatedly. He was then scared to death.

When he closed his eyes and opens it, he finally found himself lying down on the bed of his room. He then stands up.

“This is my room,” said Sho. “I see… It looks like I am trapped in this Memory Maze! I just need to help Chiharu and others, and I must get out of here!”

And so, he started moving, and he goes out from his room. When he passed through the other side of the light, he was then found himself inside an arcade gaming center.

In that arcade gaming center, there are no people around, but gaming machines. He saw various gaming hardware, like crane machines, and some other Gacha machines.

Somewhere, Sho found a tempting, cute plush doll of his favorite School Idol. He then comes near to see it.

“It looked so difficult to win it!” said Sho. “But then, I will try my best!”

When he was about to insert a coin to play, a voice creeped into his mind somewhere.

“Save me… Somebody… save me…” that female voice from nowhere said.

“Who are you?” Sho asked, “Where are you?”

“I am just here. You have to win that plush doll in order to save me! Time is almost running out!”

“What? But, with my luck right now, I…”

“Just do it! Fight until the very end! You will do everything for your favorite School Idol, right?”

“Yeah, but… Okay, I will do it.”

Sho then insert a coin in the crane machine to try his luck.

But then, no matter how hard he has tried, Sho ended up winning nothing, and all of his game coins were run empty. He did not succeed in winning the plush doll.

“I have failed,” said Sho. “I did not win with my own luck.”

“That’s okay,” said the female voice. “But then, not all the time that you could even try again. Sometimes, if you fail once, then you can’t even have an another opportunity to try again. We have only one life to live. And if we lose it, then there is no way that we could get it back. I am sorry, Sho, but you just wasted an another luck of your life.”

“Eh…? What are you talking about!?”

“You are one of the unluckier ones there. In fact, you are just away to total despair!”

Sho finally awakened to reality, and he said, “I may be unlucky, and I am among them! But then, no matter how much I have failed, I can learn from my own mistakes! And then, learning from them is what makes me stronger. It is all thanks to my friends who are always helping me to achieve my own dreams and desires!”

“Totally not a lame statement anymore. But then, you cannot win this plush doll anymore. And you have failed to save me either.”

“Maybe I can’t win it,” Sho’s Charm Item has resonated on his palm. He then finally said, “But if I can try hard, I can smash through it!”

With the Charm Item on his right hand, and he clenched his fists, he then punches the crane machine, smashing it into pieces. Not only the crane machine, but the entire surroundings, as well, has turned into an endless floating space. Sho is then floating in the air.

The plush doll is floating also in the air, which is not far from Sho. Sho then tries his best to go near to the plush doll to get it.

“I am not alone. But because of you, I have finally met my own friends!” Sho said, and he grabs the plush doll. After that, a flash of light has engulfed the surrounding space.

Sho finally found himself standing into a blank space. The Charm Item of Yohane that Sho is handling right now is resonating on his hands.

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TAKAYOSHI: Do you know what comes next after this week’s Episode?
MAMI: Ah! I know! It’s December!
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right! Next weekend is already Winter, which means… Christmas and holidays!
MAMI: Expect a lot of exciting surprises soon as this year ends!
TAKAYOSHI: And speaking of the Headlines in this Episode, what has happened recently?
MAMI: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

TAKAYOSHI: This Blu-Ray version of their Extra LoveLive! 2023 Event shall be released in December 13, 2023, next month!
LIERRE: Be sure to check it out whenever you haven’t seen their live performance yet in personal!

Nijigasaki Updates

SAKI: Seemingly, they had announced this thing in their livestream last Monday, huh?
SHO: Of course! Firstly, they had announced a single which is tied to the SIF2 rhythm game!
SAKI: These two coupling tracks, the New Year’s March! and Radio Exercise 1, are serving as collab songs for the SIF2 rhythm game! The coupling tracks single shall be released in January 24, 2024!
SHO: Now that they had announced it… Expect these songs to appear as new playable songs for the SIF2 rhythm game, so look forward into them!

Liella! Updates

AIKA: Are you going to give out your birthday messages to Ren Hazuki today in this Episode?
TAKAYOSHI: Of course, I am! Her birthday was celebrated yesterday, and so, I am going to give mine in this Episode!
AIKA: Alright, let’s read it!

TAKAYOSHI: Dear Ren. I know that you are as sweet as your mother. Thank you for giving us fans about the importance of being responsible at things. Of course, you can be good at playing video games, but don’t forsake your academic performance! Ren, happy birthday! We fans love you!

AIKA: And that’s it for the birthday message! Remember to check out also her new limited UR on SIF2 rhythm game!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

SHO: As of today, we haven’t seen anything new!
GEN: Okay, emptyhead. But then, we are now in the Free Tour later, as we prepare for the next upcoming Event in the next five days from now!
SHO: Who’s calling me emptyhead, huh!?
GEN: Nah, just forget on what I had said.
TAKAYOSHI: Anyway, the Free Tour will start later at around high noon. Be sure to collect everything that you need — LP recovery items — for the next Event!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!


Lyrics: Ayaka Miyake
Composition: DECO*27
Arrangement: Rockwell

TAKAYOSHI: Mutekikyu*Believer is a song from Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s Kasumi Nakasu.
SHO: And to note, this is the animated MV which would only feature her as a solo!
GEN: Kasumi got still a long way to go to reach for her dreams as a School Idol.
TAKAYOSHI: But who knows? Maybe she is reaching higher heights now!
SHO: When you go higher, don’t ever look down!

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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A few seconds later, Chiharu has appeared before him.

“Sho, you have finally escaped from the Memory Maze!”

“Yeah, and that was a tough one! Thank you, Chiharu!”

“Now, it is the time for us to face Mikako Kira and the Black Lace Ribbons!”

“As an Idol Chaser, I am ready to help you guys and girls! Let’s do this!”

“It’s time to go! And we are going to show to her that School Idols aren’t bad!”

And so, Sho and Chiharu has made it out to the exit of the Memory Maze, passing through the other side of the flashing light.

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