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Surpass Your Master!

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Overview (Story)
“If you want to outtrap me, then try again in 100 years!”

Touka’s party got surrounded by demons and other henchmen. With no other choice, but to escape, they had went ahead to an unknown trap being set by someone. And the trap that was set to lure Touka’s party was… Touka’s master? Esel Borgnine?

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Just one more Milly Yunis’ fighting pose!

Review time! Let’s see what I can scan from this Episode…

Hero is Dead casts a lot of characters. So, I am really sure that some of them aren’t really standing out on the spotlight.

So let’s have a character highlight with the character that appeared to stop Touka’s party. Her name is Esel (Ethel) Borgnine, and she is also adept in setting up complex traps, just like Touka does. And she is really the master or the mentor of the MC, as usual. And then, Esel did have a twisted character, whether she would eventually join, or even betray them. Call it a sly and cunning character she is! She can be an expert, and skillful when it comes to traps, but she can’t evade Touka’s pervert actions!

And let’s have some review with the other characters here, like Belarco. He can be serious in fighting, but there are times that he can screw up, killing his own “momentum” in fighting sequences. Like that spear technique that turned into a horse kick. That surprised and made me laugh, though.

Story is just only slow-paced, as in the previous Episodes, where it is just like flowing as in a span of a Manga chapter. From getting ambushed to escaping, until at the time that they breakthrough to Sion’s grandfather’s house. Very confusing enough to divert me into a different story plot.

Nothing so much to learn from this one, except with the “Ecchi” scenes and other suggestive poses that can be used for reference. And overall, this Episode is half-serious and half-comedy.

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.6/5)

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Series Info
The Legendary Hero is Dead! (Yuusha ga Shinda!)
© Subaruichi・Shogakukan / The Legendary Hero is Dead! Production Committee

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