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Featured for this week is… Sakura Yoshino!

Character Info
NameSakura Yoshino
芳乃よしの さくら
SeriesVideo Game / Anime
Da Capo Series
D.C. ~Da Capo~
Hair ColorYellow
VoiceMinami Hokuto (Video Game)
Yukari Tamura (Anime)
Full Info

Sakura Yoshino is a student from Kazami Academy, and a junior high schooler. Sakura was Junichi’s first love, who appeared also as his relative or a cousin.

Sakura is having an “imouto-type” character, where she is always calling Junichi, a “big brother”. She is always with her little white cat, named as Utamaru.

Sakura Yoshino has appeared in various Da Capo Series timelines, where she has shown there as the school principal, or even being as the “reincarnated” version of herself, many years ago, in which it would be involving with the giant sakura tree that blooms on Hatsunejima every spring of the year.

It is also believed that Sakura Yoshino is considered to be a living goddess, where she is having a young-girl-like appearance, but her age is more than 100 human years old.

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