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Insatiable Hunger

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Overview (Story)
“You fools are just here to stop the flow of my time.”

Ruli ate something weird while eating some bowl of chocolates. This is where she felt something abnormal and started to eat endlessly without her hunger settling down. Ruli’s life energy was drained, and a Digimon inside her has developed, and it was Quartzmon who came out. All of the Quartzmons have gathered on a giant sphere, in which it was its actual connecting body. This Digimon is looking powerful, and will Hiro and others able to beat it?

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A greedy and hungry Episode Review huh? Okay, will it be a satisfying one, or not?

You know, a familiar Digimon in my list has appeared in this Episode. Quartzmon is actually an “endgame” Digimon villain that appeared in the last Episodes of Digimon Xros Wars. It is said that it can actually eat up a planet by just planting itself to the ground, while absorbing any data that it gets. Yep, and that’s Quartzmon, in this Episode. Also, whether a Digimon or a human, it can able to create copies of them, disguising itself to deceive the heroes!

I can’t believe that a nostalgic endgame Digimon villain has appeared, and I do really praised it. Same goes with the other Digimons that appeared previously, namely Bastemon, DarkKnightmon, Dracmon, and others related.

It seems that they had utilized the “Champion” forms here for the last time, just before they get into trouble and able to evolve into their respective Mega forms in the end.

Story is basically showing that gluttony is one of the seven known capital sins to mankind. It is really true that we eat more because we are happy. But then, eating more than intended is really an indication not because of gluttony. It basically implies that there is something wrong with that person. Most probably, he or she eats more because they were sad and depressed. Yep, it usually happens to me from time to time, and that’s why I eat more. Not only sad or depressed, and that’s why I eat more. But, I eat more because I want to ease my own problems and stress. Yep, that’s the reason.

And going back, I have learned that we can eat more in order to ease our stress and problems in life. But then, eating more than we can is basically an indication that we are bored at life. Or sometimes, it is because we are sad and depressed. Our desires for something can sometimes be insatiable, knowing that we can still go on. And like Angoramon said, we just need to be full, but not to the fullest — about 80% and that’s okay.

Overall, the execution of some scenes are good enough to fit them in the entire Episode duration. But not when I am able to figure out the reasons why Digimons are being thrown out from Digital World to Human World. And it seems that it is just opposed to Humans who were thrown out from Human World to Digital World. And is it basically the reverse from the usual Digimon show, where I consider it as a “reverse isekai” already? Who knows!

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.4/5)

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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