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Today’s featured character is… Kasumi Toyama!

Character Info
NameKasumi Toyama
戸山とやま 香澄かすみ
SeriesAnime / Video Game
BanG Dream! Series
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party
Band Girl
Hair ColorBrown
Full Info

Being a high school student from Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School, she entered into the world of rock band as a composer, guitarist, and a vocalist. She is the center of her own rock band, which was formed along with her friends, called as Poppin’Party.

Kasumi is a girl who wants to play positive and fair, especially when it comes to playing in a rock band live shows. She can befriend most of her friends, which also included some rivals from other rival band groups. Her enthusiasm with rock band live shows has put her friends together. And that’s why she was able to assemble her rock band group, as well as making and composing songs for her group.

Inori Donz

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