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Situational Cuteness

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“Yu, please tell us your future plans!”

A simple situational story, where it would involve Yu Takasaki and the Nijigasaki Girls. They introduce themselves, as well as describing their own cuteness and appeal as School Idols. Also, they did some sort of bravery test by just watching a scary horror movie.

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Let’s have a review and impression. In fact, I did really intentionally watch the first three Episodes before making some review post! And then, expect that I am going to wait for another three Episodes before making an another one! That’s almost three weeks, or almost a month to wait for a review post coming from me! Let’s see now, if the first three Episodes have impressed me… A lot… Or not?

Nothing to see much from the overview. However, I had seen something different here when it comes to animation. Especially on the first one, they had managed to do some “improvised 3D” here. I wondered if it is also applicable when equipping some 3D glasses, or even watching it using a VR headset, or other equivalent. The rest, there is nothing to note here. Just some usual 2D frame executions in some other two Episodes.

Characters. Actually, especially when I had watched the first and second seasons of Nijigasaki Anime (and the LLAS Story Chapters), looking at them by just appearance are still not enough. Somehow, some further characterization in some characters are further emphasized by just pitting them into some real-life situational comedic timings. Such as that, Lanzhu has developed her cute appeal factor, thanks to Kasumi who has always boasting her cute factor on her, very often. And also, in the horror part of the Episode, I had noted that at least three or four characters there have some horror sensitivity. I also include Shizuku here, since in the First Season of Nijigasaki Anime, she is somehow scared, especially when the room is dark. And hey, thank goodness… No swearing words that you can hear from Mia everywhere!

It is really true that all of them are cute, sexy, or otherwise appealing at us, and at Yu Takasaki herself. But who is the School Idol that is the “besto gal” for Yu-chan? Of course, we do believe that we have different tastes and favoritism at the girls. And that one saying said, “All girls are equally beautiful.”

There is nothing too much of a story here. Just some random situational comedy, where you will just put in some characters in the scene, and that’s it! Yep, just some one heck of a slapstick comedy where you will just laugh out loud on the floor, while your favorite girl is doing something futile.

For the theme song of this Anime shorts, it is titled as “What You Gonna Do”. It is just plain-written in Hiragana Japanese, so it’s easy to figure out by pronunciation. Sometimes, I could dub it in English as “What’cha Gonna Do?” with style!

Overall, the “simplified version” of the Nijigasaki Girls are cute and amusing. So much for the story, I will just give it a very low rating. But then, the characters are too darn cute, and you think of squeezing their cheeks like plush dolls.

My Rating: BAD (2.2/5)

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