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Digivolved from Canoweissmon

The recent Episode of Digimon Ghost Game, Episode 56 “Impurity”, has revealed a scene where Gammamon, as Canoweissmon, has finally gained its Mega Level Digivolution form into a Shining Dragon type Digimon, named as Siriusmon!


When Hiro and others were finally in trouble in battling against Kuzuhamon, Canoweissmon was able to gain its new powers to progress into its new Mega Level form. That time, Canoweissmon was in trouble, and its Digivolution Time is running out. But then, because of the power of bonds with Hiro and friends once again, Gammamon (Canoweissmon) gained this power, and it finally evolved into Siriusmon!

Digimon Info (From Official Website)
TypeShining Dragon
AttacksPhoton Blaster
Cosmic Sword
Quasar Break
Planet Punch

Siriusmon is a Mega Level evolution form of Gammamon. Siriusmon belongs to the group of Digimons, called as the Virus Busters.

It is equipped with twin cannons, named as the Sylvia, that turned also into blades or caliburs, when attacking in close range. It can attack and lunge into enemies like a shooting star.

Siriusmon features at least four pure energy attacks. One of them is Quasar Break, in which it can fuse a combination of slash and shoot attacks that can devastatingly destroy an enemy!

Gammamon’s enemy Digimons are getting a lot more stronger! But then, at least, he got some new ultimate powerup!

Also, the new insert song was introduced here. The title is “MAKUAKE”.

Digimon Ghost Game is now airing on Fuji TV Network in Japan every Sundays at 9:00 am JST, and was broadcasted since October 2021. It was also streamed on Crunchyroll in just few hours from the original broadcast.

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