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New Rival, New Teammate

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Overview (Story)
“Do you have any interest in performing arts?”

Hiyori and the Team RISE got their own manager robot, named as Nono. And they had participated in an exhibition and training match with the super idol and Hyper Sport team, the May-Bee.

Despite that they can’t eventually match with May-Bee, their fun factor in playing basketball and football never loses.

The Team May-Bee suggested them that they should need an another player or more in order to keep up with the pace, especially on baseball where they need more players in the team. As Hiyori is hearing a rumor that there is a girl who can strike a fast ball that is at least 170 km/h, she finds a way on how she could meet that girl by attention.

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Did that Episode impress me so far? Let’s find out by reading this Episode Review and Impression post!

So far, whether rivals or friends, they should help together, especially if they have one common threat or enemy to defeat. And this is what I have learned when I watched this Episode.

For the characters, it seems that the main developments here might be the girls from Team RISE and Team May-Bee. I do really like the complementing of those rival teams, and their fun factor in playing those sports have been never lost. Since that is considered as their training session, winning and losing doesn’t matter to them. And then, about that fourth girl who is going to be a RISE member soon, she then appeared at the end of this Episode. But then, Hiyori is quite jealous at girls with big chests (lol).

The story, as I had mentioned… Whether you win or lose, the fun factor never loses, isn’t it? Someone like Hiyori is just cool and having fun in playing Hyper Sports (or Extreme Hearts, rather). And for Team May-Bee who soon become rivals in the future, they are actually helping the Team RISE to cope up, especially when their team lineup is just poor in numbers (Consisting of 3 Human plus 2 Robots). In fact, they should need another real player in order to keep up the pace, since relying on AI Players won’t even do much the strategy.

So much for this Episode! Let’s see if Hiyori can able to befriend that girl whom she asked if she wanted to join as the fourth member of Team RISE! And that key visual poster said it so!

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Series Info
©Project ExH

Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

For more info, see this page.

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