Gaiden Episode 03: The School Idol Universe

Along the streets of Harajuku, a student is walking while having her headphones on. This student is believed to be a sophomore student of the known school, called the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School.

And that girl named Kanon Shibuya said, “Let’s do this, my new self!”

When she is about to take her step, the surroundings around her has changed. And then, she was shifted into a different dimension.

She then landed into the same Human World, and she saw a maid cafe in front of her.

“What’s this?” asked and said Kanon, “I had never been to this place before.”

When she saw that maid cafe, she entered and opened the door gently.

She noticed that the maid cafe is empty, and it has no people or customers there.

A few seconds later, a voice was heard and said to her, “Welcome to the maid cafe! It’s a pleasure to meet a girl like you!”

Kanon got frightened by the voice somewhere and said, “Eek!! Who’s there?! Why don’t you show up?”

And then, the girl appeared in front of her and said, “Don’t worry, and I am not a ghost who is seen mostly in every horror movies.”

“Huh? Who are you?”

“I am the School Idol Oracle. My name is Lierre.”

“Lierre… I thought your name is Liella!, which is our School Idol Group name.”

“Your name is Kanon Shibuya, and you are a high schooler from Yuigaoka Girls’ High School. You are from Liella!, the name of your School Idol Group.”

“Ehh… Did you know everything about Liella!? And me?”

“Basically, your history is already written here, in my digital tablet book, Digitariel.”

“Lierre, can you please return me back to where I was, before landing here in this place?”

“Hmm… I can only return you back if you care to listen to my story.”

“Your story?”

“That’s right. A story about School Idols.”

“A story…. about School Idols? Looks interesting… But then, won’t I be late going to my class today?”

“Of course not. Don’t worry about being late in class because you are in a different parallel world.”


“By the way, do you want a coffee to sip on? It’s free when you want it. Which one do you like?”

“Sure! And I want that coffee!”

And then, Lierre finally talks to Kanon while drinking and sipping their coffee drinks.

“Kanon Shibuya from Liella! group. You will learn about the world where only girls like you should be able to make your dreams come true. This kind of world is called as….”

THE SCHOOL IDOL UNIVERSE -According to Lierre-

Part 1

Many years ago, there are group of School Idols who wanted to make their dreams and hopes come true, and they perform on a live stage. And then, they all compete in order to prove that they are the best School Idols in the world. These girls wanted to find out their reason why they wanted to fulfill their own dreams by just singing and dancing. This known Event competition is called as “LoveLive!”.

A lot of School Idol groups have traversed this kind of path, where they encounter drama, as well as some others where their bonds and friendships are put into the test. And did you know that these girls have encountered these such paths and crossroads, before even reaching to the door leading to their own light of dreams? Or even, they crossed the countless stars where a fleeting wish is about to disappear. So then, you have crossed that path with these stars around you. However, despite that you have been through with many hardships and failures, that thing called “dreams” eventually have disappeared in front of you. Which means that, you have missed a star that lost its glittering light before you could even reach and grab it. And that is what I mean with the phrase, “Among the countless stars is a fleeting wish.” To literate you enough, you had did your own best in order to fulfill your wishes and dreams. Doing your own best? To tell you, just doing your own best is still not enough.

Is it kind of frustrating when you did your own best to win, but still you lost? And that is you are still not enough, right? Whether you can be an amateur or a professional, you are still not enough. Remember that. There is indeed something missing in you, and that’s why you still lost in the end.

After all of that, you can feel that sadness and depression, after all of your hardworks were put into a waste. But then, shall it mean that your stories are over? Basically, losing only once does not mean that it is the end of your journey. Will you ever step in to the live stage, and try again? Of course, you shall never lose to the same event that made you sad and frustrated once.

You can become a School Idol because you have a reason. You have your reason because you have a dream. And you have a dream because you want to make it come true, right? And to answer that, what are your dreams that you want to make it come true?

Going into the conversation, Kanon and Lierre are talking.

“That gave me goosebumps…”

“Did the tone of my voice intimidate you that much? I am sorry for that.”

“No, that’s okay! I do really enjoy listening to your stories!”

“Thank you for listening, then.”

“Oh, you said that girls like me become School Idols because we have a reason. And the reason we become one is that we have our dreams to make them come true.”

“Kanon, I am going to ask you this question. What are your own dreams to make it come true? What is your reason to fulfill it?”

“Um… My dreams are…”

“If you can answer those questions, then it can eventually lead you to the path or reason on why you wanted to win in the LoveLive! Finals.”

“My reason to win…”

“Kanon, did you know that there are your own predecessors who also found out their own reasons on why they wanted to win the LoveLive! Event? Basically, there are some known School Idol Groups who existed before you.”

“Our own predecessors?”

“Definitely, they are written here in my Digitariel. Wanna hear them?”


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Part 2

The School Idol Group from the Otonokizaka High School, μ’s, has won the LoveLive! Finals because they have realized their own reason to win it. It is because they wanted to feel what it felt like it is being at the top. Their own bonds and friendship had made them also always together in one boat, and these had made them stronger, too. And then, at the time that they had finally realized their own future by looking at the sea of dreams, that’s the time that they had found out their true dreams. In the end, they have disappeared in the flash of light, leaving their fans behind. However, their own songs have totally marked the hearts of everyone, and they shall never forget of what they have done before to their own fans and supporters. And because of their never-ending sweet music and memories, a lot of aspirants wanted to follow the footsteps of this Legendary School Idol Group.

A lot of School Idol Groups have followed after μ’s. This include the School Idol Group, Aqours, who had followed the footsteps of these girls. But then, sometimes making your own wishes and dreams come true can pay a price. You might have won something big, but then you had lost something important to you. And that is what I call, “sacrifice”. The girls of this group had realized their own path of dreams. And then, they had followed it and they continue walking and running through with that endless road leading to their own unforeseen, glittering bright future. And this is where Aqours are continuing to go higher and to grow in strength. Yeah, and they have already surpassed the Legendary School Idol Group that they had followed before.

“I see…” said Kanon. “I have realized the hardships of these School Idol Groups who have been through traversing this uncharted path.”

“That’s right, Kanon,” said Lierre. “In fact, the portion of your history is already written here in my Digitariel.”

“Huh? Really?”

“According to the history written here, you have lost to a School Idol duo-unit group, known as the Sunny Passion, at the time of the LoveLive! Regional Finals.”

“Oh, now you have said it…”

“Song for All… Was that your group’s motto?”

“Um… Actually, we are eager to…”

“Kanon, you have still a long way to go to become a star that shines in the endless space of darkness. Remember that.”


And so, they continue talking.

Kanon asked Lierre and said, “Lierre, you are a School Idol Oracle. Can you tell me what is our own future?”

“I can tell you your future, if you want,” said Lierre. “Unfortunately, I cannot tell you them all in details.”

“Eh?? You can even tell what our future is?!”

“Definitely not. However, I can tell you what are some of your parts of your unforeseen future of events. Therefore, I cannot guarantee you total spoilers, you know?”

“Okay… Just tell me, please.”

And then, Lierre begins to tell Kanon about her future.

“Kanon Shibuya. What awaits your group is definitely in the vast space of darkness without the stars shining. However, as you traverse that uncharted path, you shall be meeting your new friends and supporters along the way. Kanon, you and Liella! have currently five members. And then, in the near future, there are four new girls who would like to join in your School Idol Group. These girls will make you stronger, and in order to find out your own reasons in winning the LoveLive! Event. Kanon, you and Liella! are still not enough, remember that. In fact, you got still a long way to go in order to find and to grab your own fleeting wishes and dreams among the countless stars in the vast space. You must indeed not give up hope, and never lose your will as a School Idol. I believe in you, and just keep going! It is because, you are not just singing with your own School Idol Group, Liella!, alone. It is because you are singing with everyone! And that answers to your motto, right?”

Kanon has smiled and she is now filled with hope and courage.

“Kanon Shibuya, you must know your own reason in becoming a School Idol, as well as your goals on how shall you reach for that dreams in the endless skies!”

“Thank you, Lierre!” said Kanon. “This time, I am not just singing for myself. It is because I sing… For my friends, and everybody!”

“So then, it is time to continue… To traverse the path to your new future — Yourself!”

And so, their conversation has finally concluded inside the maid cafe.

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It was already afternoon, and the sun is setting. Kanon can’t believe of the time.

“Well, I guess I had skipped the class… And my School Idol Training, too…” said Kanon.

“Like I said,” said Lierre. “You are stepping in my own parallel universe. It may be sunset, but your time is still morning.”


“Just always believe, Kanon. Alright, I shall be preparing the Dimension Shift system in order for you to get back to your own parallel world.”

“Okay, Lierre. But then, thank you for everything.”

“No need to worry about yourself. Just remember that your friends are always with your side. You can overcome any odds!”

“Thank you, Lierre! Good bye!”

“Run, Kanon Shibuya! To the path leading to your own future!”

And then, Kanon started to run faster as fast as she can. And then, Lierre activated the Dimension Shift system. As Kanon is running faster as she could, the ray of lights are beginning to surround her. And few seconds later, Kanon has finally disappeared with the flashes of light while running fast.

“See you next time…” said Lierre. “Brave daughter of School Idols.”

In the present world, Kanon finally returned to her original parallel world while running. Finally, she has stopped running when she had reached Yuigaoka Girls’ High School.

And then, Kanon saw her friends who are waiting for her. Finally, she continues running towards to them.

And the story of Liella! continues in the other side of the countless stars.


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The Bonus Stage
TV Anime “LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO” Trailer Video (Long Ver.)

“Here we go, the new us!”

In this second season, Kanon and the other four girls of the original “Liella!” are in their sophomore years. In their next semester of their schooling in the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, they have met the four new girls, who were in their new fresh years.

What else awaits them? Will they able to find out their reason why they wanted to achieve their dreams, and win? Along with those four new girls, they are fated to perform together in one big stage.

And so, their stories still continue… In the other side of the countless stars.

LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO!

Begins to air and stream on July 17, 2022, on NHK E-TV Network in Japan!

Check your local Anime licensors per country or region for the time and availability!

LLSIF in-game campaigns now going on!

Official Website: 

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