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Let’s Cross the River

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“When humans die, they cross on that river.”

Kiyoshiro is acting strange, and he is hearing a whispering voice around him, that not of his friends can hear. This has resulted when he got knocked down unconscious due to a Digimon’s attack within his room, and got transported suddenly into a strange world where dead souls only exist.

They decided to go to Mummymon’s lab for a consultation, only to find out that Kiyoshiro’s current state is unexplainable. So, Mummymon gave him a drug — a drug that will put him into a state between life and death. However, his current state got only worse and escalated when he got knocked down unconscious again, due to his head bumped after avoiding a vehicular collision.

Kiyoshiro got transported into that world again, and meets a Digimon who wanted to pull him into the world where only souls are his friends! Who could able to save him, while the only way to get there is to get themselves unconscious?

Angoramon’s Quotes:

“If they wander between life and death, it’s just the same as dreaming.”

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To the Review and Impression Part! Let’s get into it!

Have you heard the term “Isekai” in Anime? Isekai is a Japanese word when you got yourself being transported into an another world or universe, by just simply touching an item, going to an unknown place or area, talking with that strange voice, or even getting yourself killed by any means. In Digimon Ghost Game, it really shows about the strange world or “border” between the reality and the afterlife. That border is called as the “limbo”, in Christian term.

Kiyoshiro’s cowardly character is on the next level here. In fact, he is just like some people who were yelling some phrases, like:

“I don’t wanna die!”

“Somebody, help me!”

I had also noticed the return of some villain Digimons here, like Betsumon from the previous Episode. In fact, some villains made their return here, as side characters.

For the story, the only scary part is that when you are alone, and if you are hearing voices that only you can hear, no one ever believes in you. It is just like you are getting “psyched”, in the sense that you are becoming weird in the eyes of everybody. But then, getting into that state can be very dangerous. And just simply consulting on a doctor won’t just even solve it easily. Sometimes, you could ever get into that state whenever you are already tired, stressed, or even not thinking on what to do — like your mind is totally engulfed in dark clouds!

And to simply put into a context, as a lesson that I have learned from this Episode, it is really important to let ourselves rest, if we can’t take the pressure anymore. Sometimes, we do not let ourselves be stressed, or else we can lose our minds — in which it can lead us into untimely accidents or sudden deaths.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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