EPISODE 03: Waifu

Disclaimer and Reader Warning

All actual real-life people, places, things, and events were having their names replaced with something else. So that in order to protect the privacy, integrity, and rights of those things mentioned in this blog post series.

Some phrases and/or paragraphs may trigger an individual, group, or ethnicity. And some parts of this blog post series may contain profanity, which is not suitable for young readers and audiences. Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

What’s up, everyone? I hope that you could read for more! I know that I am just an Ugly Otaku who is just talking about ugly things. Yep, in the sense that I am just acting to be a useless freak to anybody else.

Speaking of this term, it is a term used by Otakus who were likewise get “infatuated” on that Anime girl. Maybe because of her cute or her unusual habits or mannerisms? Or, it has something to do with her body shape? Those are one of the things.

The term “Waifu” is a coined term which refers to an “Anime Girl Crush”. Waifu is just a romanized Japanese Katakana word of “Wife”. And then, this word was already used many times, especially by those Otakus who were found to be more uglier and filthier than me.

How about those people who say some lines like these?

“That’s my waifu!”

“No waifu, no laifu (life)!”

“Your waifu is trash!”

“My waifu is best than yours!”

“I wanna lick that Waifu __ !!”

Yep, and some Ugly Otakus do said those lines, yet there are some which are deemed explicit or vulgar.

How about those Otakus who were doing “Waifu Wars”, huh? They are just like kids who are using these 2D girls as their virtual pets!

I do remember some video where they are exchanging fists because of this “Waifu Wars” of theirs. Yep, and they are just like street animals (cats or dogs) who are just biting each other with their sharp teeth! But then, for what? What’s the catch when you punched someone at the face, fighting over for something which is just a work of fiction?

And then, these Anime Waifus can be anything. They can be in a form of illustrations or art, sold as collectible trading cards, Anime figures, or even in a form of merchandise, like marketable plush dolls!

Finally, most of all… These 2D Waifus are indeed AGELESS. We can grow older overtime. But these Waifus that we are loving and supporting, they can never age or grow older.

Of course, I had seen a particular page where they showcase original or “fan arts” of these Waifus, revealing their bare and sexy “armpits”. But then, for me, the armpits of any Anime girls that I see are considered as the “sexiest” part of any parts of their bodies ever. It is because, it can really show how confident that Waifu is, in my opinion. Usually, I am only seeing them through with some fan arts and other original art works of some indie artists. Whether original or fan art, I will still take it.

But then, these cute and sexy, yet innocent Waifus can be used in many ways, such as putting it on a parody or crossover, putting her on a parody “H-Doujinshi” works, and many more.

However, not all Waifus that these Ugly Otakus like me could last forever in ages. Sometimes, they may fade out in just a couple of years, or even lasting up for at least 5 years or more — Something like that. It varies depending on that Waifu, though.

And then, there are also other ways on how you could love and support your Waifu — buying her Anime figures and merchandise! You can wear some graphic tees with the picture of your Waifu embedded with it! And it feels like that she is just inside you — Maybe hugging you inside, perhaps?

I had experienced in doing this stuff. And then, I had never got any girlfriend in real-life, ever since when I was born. But did you know that having infatuation and loving these 2D Anime Girls (Waifus) can allow you to “simulate” your real-life relationship with an actual real girl in real life? Basically, this could be a training, for people who are still single and looking for a real girlfriend.

At the end, Waifus can sometimes be my motivation fuel, in order for me to have inspiration in writing this blog post series. I just hope that these Waifus can love these Ugly Otakus in return, someday. It is because of the love and support of their fans — They continue to grow, and to create more projects that most people can enjoy.

But then, there are still more to talk about Waifus, or the Anime characters who are in their usual, traditional 2D arts. Some of the points can be further tackled in some of my succeeding Episodes… In the near future.

And yep, this is “Slob”, your usual Ugly Otaku who is talking to you face to face.


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