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Gothic Doll Catastrophe

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“Hey, show us something even more amazing, Kayono!”

A girl named Kayono Aramaki is always lonely, like nobody cares for her. Then, the two Digimons, WaruMonzaemon and ExTyrannomon, have appeared to play around her. She told them that the people around her, including her family and friends, don’t even care for her, and said that they were a nuisance and annoying. So then, Kayono begins to use these two Digimons to turn people into “Gothic Dolls”.

And when her sanity has lost, she began wandering around the streets, spreading her grudge and turning more of the Humans into dolls — which also included Kiyoshiro and Jellymon again as victims.

How they could even stop her and the Digimons? And the yellow bear Digimon, Monzaemon, that Hiro has seen might be his clue in stopping their fight!

Angoramon’s Quote:

A wise man stays away from the teddy bear, although you might find a life-long friend if you open up your heart.

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As I can finally observe, this Episode is just a “filler”, rather than having a relation with the main story itself. Anyway, let’s have a review and impression!

For the characters, well, I am going to just feature the guest characters, who actually made their spotlight before the main heroes! First is Kayono, and the other is Monzaemon! The rest are actually Digimon villains whom I had gotten a nostalgic moment when I see them again in my current age!

Let’s talk about the three Digimons that appeared. They are Monzaemon (Yellow bear), WaruMonzaemon (The sinister bear), and ExTyrannomon! I am going to give them descriptive and minimal details, since I had been encountering these enemy Digimons in Digimon World 2, the game that I had been playing since when I was in my younger age! And good thing that this series has given me a chance to see these enemy Digimons to be in action and animation, and that has revived my old Digimon World 2 (PS1) days! I am really thanking them a lot for making me remember these Digimons! WaruMonzaemon has an attack that can “weaken” any Data attribute Digimons, while Monzaemon can weaken any Virus attributes on the other hand! And then, ExTyrannomon’s attack (Pretty Attack) can cause an enemy Digimon being unable to use its other strong attacks (Call it “Motivation Down” status)! These Digimons are indeed dangerous to encounter or to fight, especially if your team is running with either Data or Virus attributes!

How about the guest character that appeared in this Episode? Sometimes, young girls like Kayono can be idols! And then, she do really hate being annoyed — just as same as with some other Japanese female idols who really hated to be bullied by other people or followers in social media. Usually, what would really happen is that the girl is beginning to become more sad, and now showing some signs of depression until suicide. Or there are some people, like her, may do something in which they can be a good sight, but for others, it’s already a mistake. And the fact that she is annoyed with some people around is because she knows that most people around her don’t even care for her anymore. But then, I do really like some of her character — like the one that she is acting as the “Little Demon”, and the Digimons around her are her “servants”. Maybe the dress that she is wearing has reminded me of someone from an another Anime series, perhaps?

At the end of this review and impression post, I have learned that having our friends being “away” from us does not really mean that they don’t care about us anymore. In the end, you might be realizing that they may be not present around you, but they are always at your side “spiritually”. You can always say that your friends aren’t talking nor caring about you anymore. What makes you feel apart from them bit-by-bit is that you are always lonely, and always having grudge. Just remember that it is not them who are moving away from you. It is just only YOU who are making yourself to move slowly away from them.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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