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True Colors

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Overview (Story)
“Are you a Digimon? … Or a Human?”

Angoramon has visited a house, where his old time friend, Digitamamon, is there. He then invited Angoramon to be in the house for a reunion.

Ruli and others got invited also into the house by Digitamamon. And then, something is really strange when Ruli discovered that the people who were used to live in that house were eventually devoured and disappeared by this Digimon. Angoramon really trusted this Digimon, until the time came that he is really forced to fight and stop him.

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In this review and impression, this is easy to understand because the theme is simple!

Angoramon is a nice Digimon who can sometimes befriend other of his fellow Digimons in the Digital World. Some different Digimons of different types do gather in one place because they have and share common interests, same as with Humans who form different groups because they have mutual interests. He is basically representing as a group of Humans who were loyal to their best friends.

For the featured Digimon, named as Digitamamon… Yep, I already know this Digimon since in the game that I had previously played, Digimon World 2! I had been battling this as a Boss Digimon or a normal enemy Digimon in a Domain or Dungeon! Basically, it has a Skill that can weaken any Vaccine attributes, so I already know the drill when encountering this Digimon, especially if I am using mostly Vaccine attributes!

For the story, the plot is so simple, and even a simple viewer can able to learn from it by scenes or frames. Imagine two people who are talking and arguing at each other. Generally, the one who is at fault is usually the enemy. So then, this is where “betrayals” and “deceit” among friends shall start at a certain time. There is a saying that it goes, “Yesterday’s friend can be your today’s enemy.”, or even vice-versa as well.

Overall, I do really like the representation of the characters in the scenes, where the thing called “True Colors” is called on a character who used to be “nice and kind”. And then, True Colors is the sense that a character is showing some true character, where the “nice and kind” is sometimes becoming the “worst and ugly” type of that character. And Digitamamon is an example, where his own sense of character has drastically changed forever with the surrounding environment and elements around him. And then, people do change — whether they go from bad to good, or even they go from good to bad.

At the end of this review and impression post, I have learned that the good and nice people whom you had put trust with can sometimes turn their faces into you, doing some bad things. I can call this one as “trust issues”. Sometimes, we can’t just put our trusts with other of our friends at 100 percent rate. Because when we do, there would be always a time that they can turn their backs at us, and sometimes they could even betray us suddenly. The thing is do not put all of your trust and faith to someone you love at 100 percent rate. Someday, that person or idol that we have been following all along can be betraying us in the end, when they finally have our full trust with them.

When betrayed, it is best to move on forward and to fight with the present, and to fear with the future. We can’t just get stronger by just staying only in one place — staying at your house doing nothing but rants and blaming.

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Series Info
"Digimon Ghost Game" TV Anime Promo Poster
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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