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The Blood Moon Virus

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Overview (Story)

“Human, stop…”

A certain strain of virus is infecting any suspecting Digimons through any communication devices, including speakers and antennas. That strain is turning them into “wild bugs”, losing their sanity, thus attacking anyone in sight.

Clockmon began patrolling and investigating this strain. The partner Digimons of Hiro, Ruli, and Kiyoshiro got infected, too. Not for long, until they had seek help from Mummymon, in which he has found out that the strain came from the shells of a Digimon, named Morphomon. It is believed that Morphomon is somehow sending a message, in which it tells to “stop”. Now, they must find a way on how to find Morphomon throughout the vast digital space of information! They must stop that strain coming out from the communication devices before it’s too late!

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For this Episode Review, it really shows that Humans, us people, can be a source of evil. Digimons can born from these people, whether having good or evil characteristics and environment.

Basically, if someone out there is helping us whenever we are in trouble, what if there is a time that it’s our turn to help that one who had helped us? This is what could be the theme of this Episode.

And also, it really shows an another element which is present somehow in some horror-themed movies or TV shows. Are you familiar with the Blood Moon? Aside from the fact that it is caused by a lunar eclipse, a blood moon is believed to have different meanings, as well as having some old folklores told.

For the characters, it seems that some previous villains (or some others whom they had fought before) can able to fight alongside with the heroes temporarily. It is just like repaying the debt that they had made — from the wrong things that they had done before. One of the Digimons, Clockmon (a.k.a. The Sewn-Lip Man), is one of them, though! And I don’t have any idea on how Hiro can able to snap out the out-of-control Gammamon by just pumping up its mouth with something spicy.

It seems that we also got Humans who act as villains, too! And the fact that evil Digimons exist is because of these Humans who abused the powers of these innocent Digimons! And I am feeling sorry for that Digimon who appeared in this Episode, though. So then, I can see that Humans can also use these Digimons’ abilities, in which they can only use them for their own greed or desires.

And in the end, I have known that using that kind of power for personal greed can sometimes have bad effects. Sometimes, just facing a side-effect can be a consequence if not used in a rightful way. We do not just simply abuse our own skills for something pointless, or anything that doesn’t have any good effect or benefits.

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