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Road to Last Boss

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Overview (Story)

“Lan Di!”

Ryo and Ren are on their search for Yuanda Zhu inside the Yellow Heads’ den. Until they were now surrounded by Dou Niu and his henchmen, Joy and Wong are on their way to find and rescue Ryo and Ren inside.

Apparently, Joy got captured and locked up, and Ryo and Ren have to fight way inside the den to save her. It seems that they have a guest arriving soon, and Ryo and others must reach to that rooftop to find out!

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In this Episode Review, it really shows that how everything is happening when you stepped in to the road leading to the last boss! And that is really common in some video games, especially the role-playing games!

Ryo, this time around, has really shown his true skill in martial arts, remembering everything that he has learned — especially the Four Ways of the Wude!

Nothing too much to highlight in the other characters here, especially the villains. But that one villain has given me a comedic timing, knowing that his own weakness is actually trash! Of course, his attitude is also looking trash here, somehow.

I can also see that the principal item or person that every heroes are finding, as a key to victory, are just ending up in the possession to the boss’ hands. Basically, it happens in some of the plots within that certain game or series! And did you know that it is actually a kind of plot where heroes must think of an other way to defeat that last boss in the stage? Generally, this is where some heroes must need to devise their own strategy on how to defeat that last boss — using everything that he or she has learned from his or her past battles and experiences!

And to end this Episode Review, I have learned on how to be prepared when it comes to something like boss battles. In real life, you have an upcoming final examinations to take on, as an example. You must take a review, and you must understand everything that you have learned from your past lessons! And that is, you could answer properly in some questions in your final exam! And yes, this is something that you could prepare something for the worse, and you must do everything to traverse those odds!

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