EPISODE 10: Shout It Out!

In this world, there are group of girls who inspire people to chase for their dreams. They have splendid and beautiful performances that can touch everyone’s hearts. They are just girls who started as students having their own dreams from scratch. These young and cute ladies were called as “School Idols”.

At the end of your wonderful live performance, your fans are infatuated at you. When they shouted and chanted, “ENCORE!” at you, what would be your response? Are you going to perform another song, and try to shout your own feelings for them once more? You have to shout it out on what your feelings for them are!


The following day has arrived on the apartment building again, around Tokyo. And in an apartment building room unit, Aika was lying down on her bed sleeping.

She finally wakes up and she yawns. And then, she is holding something on her right hand. It was a piece of paper, and she then opens and reads it.

“Always remember that you must seek help with your friends if you got problems! And in order to achieve that appeal, you must shout out your feelings to everyone! Don’t let your doubts stop you from expressing your own feelings! And check out the costume that I gave to you! I hope you like it! – Kotori (・8・)”

After reading the letter, she looks around and she saw a big bag lying on the floor. She opened it, and she saw the costume dress that Kotori is talking about in the letter.

“A white and pink dress… Looks good on me, too!”

Aika turns around by looking at her mirror.

“Looks fine on me. These mini-short pants are also fine, instead of the usual skirt. But then, is it too much revealing that I am revealing too much skin in my legs? Nah, whatever.”

Aika wears it off and changes back to her regular clothes, and she puts the costume dress back inside the big bag.

“It looks like my day-off has been well spent! I guess I have to do what I must do!”

Finally, she goes out from her apartment room unit, and she starts to head straight to the maid cafe.

At the maid cafe in Akihabara, there are many people who visit and chill. Chiharu is serving drinks to her customers.

“Working on a maid cafe as a part-timer is so fun! I hope that I could get enough earnings for today!”

After she served her customers, she headed into the back room of the maid cafe. And then, the maid cafe manager has summoned her.

“Chiharu, I think it’s the time for you to do it.”

“Do what?”

“That dance performance! You must need to dance and sing in front of people who were waiting for their seat in this maid cafe!”

“Eh?? That’s too sudden…”

“Chiharu… I want you to practice with that dance step, and you shall be performing… Today!”

“EHHH!???? I am not ready!!! What should I do??”

“Well… You may be a first-timer, though. And I guess I have no other choice, but to…”

Aika then arrives in the scene. She finally joins the conversation with Chiharu and the maid cafe manager.

“Wait! Let me do that instead of her!”

“Huh? I have never seen her before. Who was she?”

“That girl? She was one of my maid cafe employees. Her name is Aika Tenkuji.”

“My day-off is finally over! Who are you, and are you new here?”

“So, your name is Aika. Yes, I am new here! Hi, I am Chiharu Umiboshi! Nice to meet you!”

“Aika, so have you realized now on how to attract well your customers?”

“Yes, boss! And this time, I am going to shout out my feelings for everyone!”

“Wow! So that means we are…”

And then, Lierre arrives and she talks with the maid cafe manager.

“It looks like the excitement is starting to intensify further. We guessed that it is really time for them to show what they are really made of!”

“I guessed so. The more, the better. By the way, are you going to join them?”

“No thanks. I shall just watch you on how you train these girls to dance.”

“Okay. Someday, you might learn how, too.”

And so, the maid cafe manager teaches Chiharu and Aika some dance steps that they are going to use for their live dance performance.


Both Nijigasaki and Aqours were done with their live performances this month, and in the last 2 weeks! But what remains is that there is only one School Idol group who is not yet done, and that’s Liella! In fact, their first part of their live performance shall be made tomorrow, and that can be highlighted today!

Speaking of Headlines and such, what are the things spotted in this Episode?

Umi Sonoda’s Birthday

Speaking of Umi Sonoda… Her birthday shall be celebrated on March 15th every year! And somehow, she is considered to be the “big-sis” of Honoka and Kotori of μ’s! And of course, she likes to train by doing archery!

As usual, my birthday message for Umi Sonoda shall be read and be included next Episode! Look forward into it! And be sure to check out her Birthday Limited UR Box Scouting banner! Did I already mention that her Box Scouting banner is now a paid one, in which you could even draw her “autographed” version by chance?

TOMORROW: Liella! 2nd LoveLive! (Part 1)

After Aqours in their 6th Live last week, it’s finally Liella!’s turn to take on the spotlight! Tomorrow, their first part of their 2nd Live tour shall commence! And you already knew about the details, right?

And also, to mention, the Overseas Paid Live Streaming is now available for fans outside of Japan! Enjoy watching these girls once again on the stage! Will it be the road leading to the TV Anime’s “Second Season”? Who knows!

LoveLive! Series Special Collaboration Event

LoveLive! Series has recently announced a collaboration event with the Pacific League of Japan. The dates were announced and given at the website link given in the embedded Tweet above. The official website page has been opened since March 5, 2022.

Pacific League or PA League is somehow a “professional baseball game association” of Japan, which works similarly in other sports games like basketball, ice hockey, or soccer, for example. (Wikipedia)

The three active School Idol Groups shall be teaming up with one of the known baseball teams in Japan during this exciting collaboration event! Sometime in the future, some collaboration stuffs, merchandise, and more, shall be announced afterwards. So, be ready with your cash wallet soon!

Aqours 6th LoveLive! Report! And… Part Three!?

My mission report for this live performance has been finished! I wondered what could be my impressions for it, so far?

Read more: Review and Summary of Aqours 6th LoveLive! (OCEAN STAGE & SUNNY STAGE) here!

But wait… Is there a Part Three? Is it not over?!

Basically, finishing the first and second parts does not really mean that there would be no third.

So then, at the end of their SUNNY STAGE Day 2 performance, they had announced an another round of their 6th Live series! This time, the subtitle shall be called as the WINDY STAGE.

To be continued… When you read the above link given above!

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When the new Event has started last week, I had delayed for at least 3 days because I had finished something in my JP Side. And that is for the sake of my current team builds to become stronger, as my rivals are getting stronger too, due to the new G2-Tier Score Up and Skill Level Booster (SLB) URs that are appearing both left and right, whether Standard or Limited.

So far, what were the things spotted recently in the LLSIF game? Check it out by reading below!

Round 30 Medley Festival

It seems we are in a new rotation of Events in which we are having at least four kinds of Event which is running now, instead of the usual five (You can read about it later).

The Event UR is Eli Ayase, and Maki and Kotori can be acquired from Honor Scouting!

You can read my guides and tips here about Medley Festival below!


It looks like I am on my serious state now in order to grind and survive in this Event! I had delayed myself for at least 3 days because I had finished some matters in my JP Side counterpart! Therefore, my Event grinding here can be more serious this time around!

Will I succeed in making through the Gold Tier Rank? Find out next Episode!

Companion Match is Out From Event Rotation?

It seems that we are no longer encountering a Companion Match ever since those days!

The last Round 24 Companion Match was made on last year, November 5-15, 2021, with Event UR Nico as a reward. The embedded Tweet shown was my result on that Companion Match Event. It was also the Event where the Tier Ranking brackets for Score Rankings have been changed.

So far, with the absence of the Companion Match from the rotation of Events, we only have at least 4 active Events which are currently on rotation:

  1. Icon Collection
  2. Medley Festival
  3. Challenge Festival
  4. Score Match

So then, is Companion Match totally absent or totally out from the active rotation of Events, from now on? Basically, we have Adventure Stroll which is also out from the current rotation of Events, too.

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As we are heading into the another chapter of School Idol Festival ALL STARS, we are about to witness some more excitement! Therefore, as the time passes, so does to the new and upcoming URs and other harder live stages!

Finally, what were the highlights spotted in this game, so far?

Round 21 SBL (Final)

It seems that I had it. Well, at least, my JP Side is not totally slacking off, despite that it has no SBL Awards achieved!

This Pre-Event has been ended, thus placing me in Silver Tier Ranks, whether it is from JP Side or my Global Side.

EXCHANGE: Bonding on White Day

Basically, I had been having a difficult time grinding in this part. Not only due to the fact that I am busy in grinding in the current LLSIF Event. But my ongoing blog post works are currently hindering me and preventing me to grind further, even though that I had been using my Auto Play strategy.

But that doesn’t really mean that I am going to just slack off. Generally, I must find a way in order to grind efficiently, without fail. Also, my time is running out, and I haven’t touched the featured Voltage Ranking songs nor the new song, “MOMENT RING”. In this rate, will I ever stand up and make it — to achieve a decent Voltage Score in order to get some decent rewards after this Event?

Everything shall be answered in the next Episode, and in my Event Report Tweet on my Twitter account, when this Event has ended! Look forward into it!

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin

Congratulations to our birthday girl last week, Hanamaru Kunikda, for making it to the top one position!

So far, who were the other girls that made it into the top ten list? Read more to find out!

JP Side – #49
Global Side – #36

Kanata has made it to the Rank 10, in both of the sides! Meanwhile, Kotori, Setsuna, and Kanan just made it into the top ten ranks in both of the sides, though that they were placed differently!

Basically, Umi Sonoda is already the next in line here! I wondered on who’s the girl to be placed in the top one next, right after her?

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The afternoon came, and many more people are waiting outside for their turn.

Meanwhile, Takayoshi is just sitting down on a vacant seat outside of the maid cafe playing with his rhythm game. When he has successfully landed a Full Combo finish on a very difficult song, he got distracted after and he finds out that Chiharu and Aika are standing at the front of people.

The people who are waiting outside of the maid cafe are cheering for Chiharu and Aika. And the two finally speaks.

“Actually, I am a first-timer and this is my first live dance performance!”

“Today, we are going to make you more heated up! Let’s get started!”

“The song that we are going to dance and sing with is…”

Cheer for you!! by A・ZU・NA!”

Takayoshi then got distracted again when he heard them saying the song title and artist. And then, their live dance performance begins.

During the dance part, Chiharu is trying to keep up her pace in her dance movements.

Meanwhile, Aika is dancing and she remembers the flashback that time when she was with Kotori. And then, she remembered those sentences.

“Aika, I totally believe in your own skills that you can get more people to watch and support you!”

“Don’t be afraid of failing! It is already a part of your life! And that’s a thing that can make you stronger!”

“You just need to shout out and express out your own feelings to everyone!”

Remembering those words, she finally used her own appeal and charm to impress the viewers. And Aika finally understands it!

With their last step in their live show dance performance, the song has been finished and they successfully completed it. The people finally clapped their hands and they cheered for them.

Chiharu and Aika are breathing deep and out, somehow. They knew that their audience has liked their performance. And so, they looked at each other and they looked so happy.

Takayoshi was very happy, too. He saw Chiharu’s performance and said, “Very good enough. But, there are some aspects that need some improvement, somehow.”

And from the distance, Kotori has watched Aika’s performance on the other hand, and said, “Chun-chun! (・8・) That was so great! Let’s dance again, someday!”

And then, she walks away from sight while wearing her hat again.

Meanwhile, inside the maid cafe, the manager and Lierre had seen Chiharu and Aika’s live dance performance.

“Very good. Aika has finally realized her true weakness!”

“Sometimes, your weakness can be your strengths. Same goes to the vice-versa.”

“It seems that I needed to train Chiharu a lot! She needs some improvement, especially when it comes to dance movements!”

“Well, she will soon realize on what those difficult paths that the School Idols have traversed.”

Lierre finally saw a group picture displayed on a picture frame. Then, she said and asked the maid cafe manager, “Let me ask you something. Did you use to be a School Idol in the past?”

“I used to be. And that picture is my own memory that I shall never ever forget. In fact, I am only the last one standing in our School Idol Group. And we used to be the winners of the LoveLive! Finals in the past times.”

“According to the history recorded here… Wait, you are…”

“I am quite very happy, even if they are around me — not physically present, but spiritually present.”

“You used to be a popular School Idol Group from the past. Until, your popularity are being taken over with this School Idol Group, which also consisted of at least three members.”

The maid cafe manager looks again at the group picture and said, “That’s why these girls should realize the truth. Sometimes, popularity doesn’t always last forever. We just need to keep our spirits alive by just passing the torch from one to another.”

“And that’s a concept of generation popularity. You are indeed right. Nothing lasts forever.”

“Hey, that’s my line!”

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“You are a School Idol and a Supporter.”

As you progress and grow stronger, you are sometimes revisiting your own past times. It is just like looking at your own reflection in a mirror. What if your own reflection of past is far different from the one that you used to be from your own past times? I hope that you still have a good memory. Or otherwise, what you get is a confusion of your own memories!

Next time on School Idol Festival Journal Log SEASON TWO, “Parallel Universe”

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TV Anime “LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club SEASON TWO” Trailer Announcement Video

The girls of Nijigasaki are back in this second season! Shioriko Mifune, Mia Taylor, and Lanzhu Zhong are now added to the stable!

Once again, these girls are seeing each other — sometimes as friends or rivals everyday.

They all have one, common dreams! And that is, somebody like Yu Takasaki, can support these girls in making their dreams come true!

And once more, they are chasing for their dreams, along with their new friends and rivals at their side!

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club SEASON TWO!

Starts airing and streaming on April 2, 2022!

For overseas simulcast, check your local Anime licensors per region for the time and availability in your area!

Official website:



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