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The Gate Keeper of Digital World

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“We just wanted to go back home!”

The two delinquent Digimons, Darkrizamon and Saberdramon, are attacking people, in which they had started with Kiyoshiro and Jellymon. They are looking and targetting Hiro, in question for whereabouts of BlackTailmon. Darkrizamon’s purpose in hunting that said Digimon is that it is the gateway between the Human World and Digital World, and told Hiro that they were accidentally being thrown into the Human World, where they aren’t supposed to be.

When they were caught and engulfed with purple and black flames, nothing is happening to them inside. But that purple-black flame is only stationary, and it doesn’t move, even if they try to move with it. However, if they go out from that flame, they were annihilated forever! What’s even worse is that the flame is getting smaller and smaller!

Darkrizamon told Hiro about the sad truth, when he and Saberdramon have attempted to save a human from a burning house.

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So then, let’s head on the exciting, yet sad Episode Review!

We had witnessed something horrible here. From the fact that Digimons can kill other Digimons, they can also kill humans! Unlike Digimons, in which they have their own “life cycle” when they have died and decomposed into Digitama, Humans don’t ever follow this rule. We, Humans, have only one life, and once our life is up, it’s over for good. You can read further at the last part of this review to have this explained.

It seems Gammamon was able to do “Form Change” with all of its three primary Digivolution forms, thanks to his strong will and desire to fight. Digimons can initiate their Digivolution process by themselves, without even their respective Digimon user’s assistance. And to mention Gammamon’s three primary forms, they are relative to the abilities, like Power and Speed.

  • BetelGammamon is designed for versatile Power and Speed (Multi-Type Digimon)
  • KausGammamon is well suited for air combat, while powerful when it comes to speed.
  • WezenGammamon is bulky and sluggish, but well powerful when it comes to attack power.

For the Episode theme this time… I can’t really determine which one, since this can be unique from the previous Episodes that I had watched. This time, it follows the major plot, where it would now involve the mysteries of the “Gate Keeper” of the Digital World and Human World. Quite obvious enough because it somehow doesn’t have any references from the known Horror and folklores anymore. And I can say that this Episode was filled with action and excitement, and the Episode itself doesn’t waste it’s time with unnecessary fillers and comedic timings.

And to end in this Episode Review, I have learned that we, humans, have only one life to live. Once we die, we cannot go back on where we are. Unlike Digimons, when they die, they just decompose themselves back into Digitama, while losing their own memories and whatsoever in their lives. There is no such thing as “reincarnation” or “Second Life in Human World”. That can be possible, but you can be reincarnated somewhere, but not as a Human, or in Human World anymore.

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Let’s Study Digimon!

Today, in this topic, we shall be talking about something. If we have Digimons who are kind and heroic, who were these Digimons that are dark, evil, and wicked?

The Evils of Digital World

If there are Digimon users who try to befriend and make Digimons as their partners or allies, some people or group of Digimons are trying to spread madness and evil to others. Their real sole purpose in doing evil things is because their greed and desires have totally consumed them!

It is either, the humans themselves have done wicked things to Digimons, such as making them as slaves, or the Digimon themselves have totally gained control over their Digimon users, who were humans!

Digimon themselves do become evil, depending on what has influenced them — humans, objects, events, or anything, including another Digimon! It is a fact that evil Digimons do pop out of nowhere, and their origins can’t be well explained on how they had become evil!

To note, there are evils in Digital World, where Humans are also being manipulated by their greed and desires. Or even, evil Digimons themselves are manipulating these mindless Humans! It is quite understandable that evil can be anyone — whether a Human or a Digimon!

I think there are still more evil which is existing around the Digital World! As long as there are heroes and justice prevailing around, the battle between good and evil shall never end! Will there be any end to this long battle that lasted for many years and decades?

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Series Info
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